Michigan worker’s hand sliced by razor blade on Trump yard sign

Michigan municipal worker’s hand was sliced open when he tried to move a booby-trapped yard sign for President Trump, a report said Thursday.

The worker in Oakland County, about 40 miles northwest of Detroit, tried to remove the campaign sign from the ground outside a home this week because it was illegally posted too close to a local road, local station WDIV reported.

But the sign was lined with razor blades, which cut up the worker’s hand, according to the report.

“He actually thought it was electrified. He jumped and let go of it, looked at his hand and realized he was bleeding aggressively,” Commerce Township Supervisor Dave Scott told the news station.

“Why would someone set a boobytrap sign to harm someone? A child could have picked it up.”

The bleeding worker drove himself to a local hospital, where his wound required 13 stitches, the report said.

The homeowner, who wasn’t identified, told WDIV that she’d had several Trump campaign signs stolen, but did not know about the razor blades.

The local sheriff is investigating the incident.

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