Mikey Hess sneaks into his own wedding after disguising himself

Magic Mikey: Moment Misha Nonoo’s groom Michael Hess sneaks into his own wedding after disguising himself in a hat and sunglasses while hiding his face from the crowd with umbrella

  • A mystery guest arrived to the wedding of Misha Nonoo and Mikey Hess on Friday night while dressed in disguise
  • The individual wore a black cap, scarf, large sunglasses and a  scarf, while flipping up the collar of their jacket
  • An umbrella that was hastily opened by the guest’s driver was the piece de resistance of the look, shielding the person from the photographers  
  • The need for secrecy was a bit surprising given that the guest list included the most photographed couple in the world, a Beatle and an international pop star
  • The guest appeared to be groom Mikey Hess

There was a mystery guest among the A-list stars who attended the wedding of Mikey Hess and Misha Nonoo last weekend in Rome.

Video from outside the venue shows the individual secretly making their way into the ceremony just before it began last Friday night, going unnoticed thanks to a crafty disguise.

The man, or woman, covered their face and hair with a baseball cap, scarf and oversized sunglasses as they rushed into the Villa Aurelia after most of the other guests had already arrived to the venue.

The person then topped off the look with a suit jacket that appeared to be a size too large, as evidenced by the fabric hanging down their hands as they trudged up towards the entrance while swinging their arms.

The need for secrecy was a bit surprising given that the guest list included the most photographed couple in the world, a Beatle and an international pop star – none of whom wore a disguise.

The guest did bear some similarities however to the one person who was not photographed over the weekend – the groom, Mikey Hess.  

But there’s no rain: A mystery guest arrived to the wedding of Misha Nonoo and Mikey Hess on Friday night while dressed in disguise – and it looked to be the groom

What the hella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh: The individual appeared to be groom Mikey Hess, who wore a black cap, large sunglasses and flipped  up the collar of his jacket

Hess only allowed for a brief glance at his profile when he stepped out of his chauffeured car in Rome.

An umbrella was quickly shoved down to obscure any photos, and Hess stormed towards the gated entrance at a clip that forced security to run to catch up to him.

It was just one of the many details who were also in attendance on Friday, with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle; Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom; Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell; and Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner also arriving with security. 

Some of those celebrities were a bit more reserved than others, particularly McCartney and Perry, whose teams were both comprised of just a single bodyguard.  

McCartney was the most low-key of the bunch from the get-go, strolling into the venue on his own while his guard walked alongside Shevell. 

In anticipation of precipitation: The guest did bear some similarities to the groom Mikey Hess

That was not the case however for Hess, who kept it very high-key during his 15 seconds in public view. 

Olsen-like levels of layering were on display as a hat and sunglasses obscured the face while a popped collar hid the neck. 

Once inside, Hess dropped the duds, with a source telling DailyMail.com that there was no clue among guests about this arrival.

Those guests were treated to a night they will never forget on Friday at the couple’s ceremony. 

There was the mind-blowing moment that the groom serenaded his new bride with  McCartney alongside Carpool Karaoke king James Corden, while guests including Perry and Bloom looked on, sources tell DailyMail.com. 

Murmur she wrote: There were whispers that Misha Nonoo and Mikey Hess had moved their wedding ceremony to Friday so that they could accommodate Meghan Markle and Prince Harry (above on Friday arriving at the wedding venue)

No new friends: Markle and the bride had seen one another the previous week in London (left) and Hess and Nonoo’s first public appearance as a couple was at the royal wedding (right)

Those same sources also say that a number of guests were also left dumfounded when they discovered that the couple had decided to seat Gayle King at their head table, despite their brief friendship with the CBS This Morning anchor. 

King had only met the two a handful of times, she was however at Misha’s store opening a week before the wedding, and attended Markle’s baby shower with the bride.

The three have also spent time together on David Geffen’s yacht with King’s friend, Oprah. 

Oprah was a no-show, but that was not the case for Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, despite the heavily Democratic crowd.

There were no signs of outward hostility towards the couple from guests despite the massive political differences with many of the guests, who greeted Jared with handshakes, amid the news that President Trump had just deployed troops to the Middle East.  

And throughout the night, sources say that guests could be heard murmuring about the couple’ decision to marry on a Friday, saying it was all done to make sure the Duchess of Sussex could attend with Prince Harry ahead of their tour of Africa.

But the decision was more likely made on religious grounds, as the Jewish faith would require that the pair exchange their vows by sundown.  

Rome if you want to: Mikey Hess performed a singing skit with Paul McCartney(above on Friday with wife Nancy Shevell on his way tot he wedding)

The who knew, crew: McCartney had met the couple one year prior while they were all guests on David Geffen’s yacht Rising Sun (l to r: Lydia and Michael Kives, Geffen, Kloss and Kushner, guests, Shevell, McCartney, Nonoo, Marie-Jose and Henry Kravis in 2018)

Green queen: Gayle King (left arriving to the wedding on Friday night, last week with mother-of-the-groom Susan Hess at Nonoo’s store opening in NYC) was a guest at the event despite only having met the couple a handful of times

Gayle force: Sources tell DailyMail.com that Gayle was sat at the head table with Nonoo and Hess

The Duchess arrived in Rome on Thursday with Prince Harry in tow, staying for less than 48 hours before jetting home on Saturday afternoon before their trip to Africa with baby Archie.

After arriving on Thursday, the Sussexes were invited to an intimate gathering by the bride and groom that was comprised of only family and VIP guests, including Perry and Bloom as well as Hess’ best friend Joshua Kushner and his wife Karlie Kloss.

This exclusion of some wedding guests ‘was upsetting to longtime friends of the couple’, said one source. 

Nonoo claims she met Markle in 2010 when the two were sat together at a luncheon in Miami during Art Basel, and has said in the past that they struck up a friendship almost immediately. 

Markle wrote in her now-shuttered blog that it was actually at Art Basel in 2014, and during a night of drinking and dancing in Miami. 

It is Markle’s timeline that stands up, with photos confirming the two both attended an event at the Soho House that year. 

The two were then introduced  by Markus Anderson, one of the founders of the Soho House and a friend of Markle. 

Anderson was also a friend of Nonoo and her husband at the time, Alexander Gilkes, who three years prior had started his own auction house for fine art, Paddle8.  

His employees at the time included none other than Princess Eugenie, who had been a guest at his and Nonoo’s three-day wedding back in 2012, which also took place in Italy.

Nonoo is sticking to the three-days-in-Italy timeline this time around as well, but did switch up the venue by marrying Hess in Rome and Gilkes in Venice.  

The princess bride: Princess Eugenie was seen with Nonoo just last week at her store opening in New York City (the pair above on Friday before the wedding)

Sparkle motion: Nicky Hilton in a golden Oscar de la Renta on Friday with husband James Rothschild (left) and Colby Mugrabi in Prada on Saturday (right)

Chic reapers: Karlie Kloss arrived to the venue with her good friends Dasha Zhukova and Stavros Niacrchos on Friday (above)

Polarizing  persons: James Corde (left on Friday) was also part of the skit with McCartney and Hess, while Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner got a warm welcome (right on Friday)

Born to flex, like boarding private jets: Alex Tisch, Wendy Murdoch, Aby Rosen and Tico Mugrabi were seen out on Friday afternoon ahead of the wedding (above)

En Vogue: Vogue’s Allie Michler (left on Friday) attended the wedding and the Nonoo’s store opening last week, suggesting a feature is in the works; Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom arrive on Friday (right)

Sweet Bea: Princess Beatrice arrived to the ceremony dressed in what appeared to be a sequin jacket from  Nonoo’s eponymous line (above)

Nothing in this world they like more than checks: Billionaire Henry Kravis and wife Marie-Jose (left on Friday), the parents of the groom Susan and George (right on Friday)

Others spotted enjoying a brief Roman Holiday were Jenna Bush Hager, Nicky Hilton and James Rothschild, Wendi Murdoch, Aby Rosen and Samantha Boardman, Henry and Marie-Jose Kravis, Roman Abramovich’s ex-wife Dasha and her new fiance Stavros Niarchos, and Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.   

Princess Eugenie was seen with Nonoo just last week at her store opening in New York City, and event also attended by Karlie Kloss. 

Princess Beatrice was also in attendance at Nonoo’s 2012 wedding as well, and is the matchmaker who likely brought the two together with the help of billionaire David Geffen.

The younger of the two sisters came to know Hess after the pair met in 2016 at the US Open, shortly after Princess Beatrice enjoyed a trip on Geffen’s yacht, Rising Sun.

Hess is a frequent guest on the yacht, as is his best friend, Joshua Kushner.  

Connections: Mikey Hess and Misha Nonoo had the most star-studded wedding of the year in Rome on Friday (Guests above and their ties to the newlyweds)

Kushner and Hess both attended Harvard and then Harvard business school together, and Kushner was a member of the wedding party.

The boys are so close that Kushner’s big brother also grabbed an invite with wife Ivanka.

Those two were also at the US Open back in 2016, along with Kushner’s now-wife Karlie Kloss, Geffen pal Dasha Zhukova and Wendi Deng.

That was the start of a friendship that led to the ex-wives of  Rupert Murdoch and Roman Abromivich scoring invites to the wedding. 

Geffen also brought the couple together with Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell, when they all spent time on the Rising Sun back in 2018, alongside Kloss and Kushner.  

It was also likely Kloss who brought Scooter Braun into the fold after he began to rep the supermodel on her various projects off the runway. 

Hess is also linked to Perry though through his friendship with Nico Mizrahi, whoae wife Jamie is the singer’s stylist. 

It is unclear who knows Corden. 

Jason Derulo stopped by on Saturday night, performing his entire catalogue for the couple at their second party. 

He performed as part of the paid entertainment however, and was not a guest.



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