Mineworker uncovers huge diamond worth over £50,000 and HE gets to keep the money

A SHARP-EYED mineworker has dug up a beautiful palm-shaped diamond worth about £52,000 in India.

It's the second time Anandilal Khushwaha, 35, has hit the jackpot in his 8m X 8m shallow mine – and he promises to share the auction money with pals and family.

The dad was working in the private minefield he leases in central India’s Madhya Pradesh when he was lucky to uncover the large precious stone.

The 10.69-carat diamond was discovered on July 21 in Panna’s Sarkoha village.

The name Panna literally translates to emerald, and many expensive gems have previously been uncovered in the village, with the most valuable one being discovered in 1961 and measuring 44.55 carats.

A thrilled Khushwaha told the Hindustan Times: “I was excited to have this diamond during Covid time and lockdown restrictions.

"It’s all due to God’s grace."

He promised to share money from a jewel auction with eight fellow mineworkers, "equally as it was our collective efforts in the past six months that we could get such a precious stone.

"I will spend the money on the education of my son and daughter and other requirements of the family.

"But one thing is certain that I will continue to apply for lease of mines.”

Video footage shows the gigantic sparkling gem being examined by experts.

It was later deposited with the diamond officer in the district by Khushwaha. 

District Diamond Officer SN Pandey said that a gem this large has not been discovered in quite some time.

The stone will now be put up for auction, with the profits from its sale going to Khushwaha, minus taxes and auction house fees.

Pandey told the Times that the diamond's quality "is good and it is palm-shaped which will require less cutting".

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