Model and TV host accused of being part of international stolen jewellery racket

A stunning model and TV presenter has reportedly been implicated in an international network dedicated to the illegal sale of stolen jewellery and watches.

A man named Harold Vilches, dubbed the ‘Gold King’, was ordered to pay 14 billion Chilean pesos (£12 million) to the Chilean government as punishment for his crimes apparently relating to racketeering.

In an interview with Chilean TV on Monday, the ‘Gold King’ claimed to have conducted direct business with model and TV host, Tonka Tomicic, one of the biggest female personalities in the South American country.

Vilches said he got to do "business" with the model through her husband, Marco Antonio Lopez Spagui, who is confirmed to have met Vilches in a hotel in the country’s capital, Santiago, in 2019.

The two men and a third party were reported to have discussed the illegal sale of a precious stone with a market value of 130 million Chilean pesos (£115,000).

Vilches said that he "invoiced Tonka for some silver coins" and revealed the model still owes him millions of Chilean pesos for them.

He explained: "She handed me some cheques as a form of payment. But in the end, the cheques bounced and I had to cover the payments."

The ‘Gold King’ added that the model reportedly gave him "no explanation" for her actions, which he believes is due to her “complicated situation with the media”.

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He said: "She's actually in an extremely complicated situation with the media these days and I don't think she's in a rush to pay me."

The criminal group made up of Chileans is believed to operate in Europe and North America, where they allegedly steal high-end jewellery and watches, before then being sold in Chile.

The investigation is ongoing and the police have confirmed they are investigating Lopez for receiving stolen goods. They have not confirmed whether his model wife Tomicic is also in their sights.

Tomicic, 45, is of Croatian origin and rose to prominence after representing Chile in the Miss World beauty pageant as a teenager.

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