Moment 6ft-long SNAKE slithered on counter as people scream in terror

Slippery customer! Moment 6ft-long pet SNAKE slithered over newsagent’s counter and left a shopkeeper screaming in terror after its owner took it out shopping

  • The snake slithered onto the counter at the newsagents in Tuebrook, Liverpool
  • A terrified shop assistant can be heard screaming inconsolably over the snake
  • The clip has been viewed more than one million times on Facebook

A shopkeeper was left screaming in terror when a woman brought her six-feet-long snake into a newsagents – only for it to slither over the counter and ‘try to steal mints.’

Alwyn Maynard visited a newsagents in Tuebrook, Liverpool, for a bottle of water when an ‘outrageous’ encounter with the giant reptile made him completely forget his refreshment.

The 52-year-old was stunned to walk in and notice a lady with a large snake wrapped around her neck, so he asked if he could film the bizarre creature for a few seconds.

In baffling footage shot last Tuesday the snake – that Alwyn believes was a boa constrictor or python – stretches towards the counter without its owner noticing, and by the time Alywn warns her it slithers over the top.

Onlookers were shocked when they spotted the woman taking her snake to the newsagents in Liverpool

The six-foot snake then slithers its way to the counter on top of the mints and chewing gum

The shopkeeper can be heard screaming in hysterics as the owner tries to get the snake back around her body

A terrified shop assistant can be heard screaming inconsolably as she flees to the end of the store while the snake wraps itself between a box of mints ‘as if it’s stealing them for it sweet tooth’ and climbs onto the till.

One unnerved customer escapes the shop while the bizarrely calm woman tries to talk her snake into retreating by softly saying ‘hey, missy’ and ‘come on trouble, behave yourself’.

She apologises on behalf of her rogue creature as packets of mints fall to the floor, but she struggles to pull it back over the counter.

Giggling Alwyn continues to watch on as the terrified shop assistant repeatedly orders her to ‘go now’ despite the snake battling to escape its owner and wreak havoc.

The railway station worker joked he didn’t get involved because he ‘didn’t want to be strangled by it’ and insists he didn’t have any sympathy for its owner.

His video has been viewed more than one million times since he shared to Facebook the next day, with users labelling it ‘hysterical’.

Alwyn, who lives in Hatton Garden, Liverpool, said: ‘She just didn’t seem to know what the snake was doing behind her. It must have had a sweet tooth.

‘I just felt so sorry for the shopkeeper. She must have had a bad experience with a snake as a young child because she was absolutely terrified. All hell broke loose.

‘I don’t think I’ve ever heard screams like that. Every time she screamed it was an octave higher. She must have felt trapped.

‘They probably dealt with people trying to rob them, but all that pales into insignificance with this. It is a bit different from a snake trying to steal from your shop.

‘Why would you bring a six-feet snake to the local shop? You’d just leave it at home. I don’t think she will bring it to a shop again. I wasn’t very sympathetic.

‘She was apologising for knocking the mints on the floor, but not the snake. She just lost control of it. It had a mind of its own.

‘I didn’t want to get strangled by a snake so I didn’t get involved. That’s how they kill their prey and I didn’t want to be its next victim. I left without the water in the end.’

Alwyn, who admits it was a ‘really nice-looking creature’, says the woman managed to wrestle her reptile back over the counter after around three minutes.

The 51-year-old joked the shop is now likely to have a ‘no pets allowed’ sign in the window after the mid-afternoon traumatic experience.

His Facebook post on July 6 has since earned more than 15,000 shares, with users baffled at the chaos.

It said: ‘Only in Tuebrook does someone bring a boa constrictor to the offy. All this for £3.87.

‘The way she apologises for knocking a few packets of chewing gum on the floor. As if the shopkeeper is worried about that, haha.’

One commented: ‘Omg! The screams from the shop assistant and you’re just stood there laughing’

Another added: ‘Wonder how long it took the shop lady to put up a ‘NO PETS ALLOWED’ sign.’

A third simply added: ‘That’s hysterical.’

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