Moment bloody brawl breaks out on packed Spirit Airlines flight when sleeping passenger has meltdown over ‘noisy’ crew – The Sun

A FLIGHT from Los Angeles to Detroit was diverted to Iowa after a bloody fight broke out on board.

The brawl broke out aboard a Spirit Airlines plane after one passenger reportedly became upset about others being loud while he was trying to sleep.

In video footage, obtained by ClickOnDetroit, the pair can be seen throwing punches during the fierce argument on Thursday while flight attendants tried to break them up.

A passenger said: “We were in shock, really. We couldn't believe it was happening.

“'It was really scary. I had my kids with me and everybody was like, 'Oh my God".'

The witness also claimed when the fighting passengers were notified about the emergency landing they “ran to the bathroom” to change before police came aboard “because they had blood all over their clothes and they didn't want to be recognized”.

The plane landed and stopped in Iowa for two hours from 3.13am. 

Des Moines police Sgt. Paul Parizek told KETV: “It appears that he was the victim of the assault but initiated the dispute on the flight.

“It started because he wanted to sleep and he protested other people, including a flight attendant, talking too loudly.

'”We did not arrest anyone. Pretty unique situation. It was determined that the incident took place over Nebraska, so DMPD has no jurisdiction. 

“At the crew's request, we escorted one passenger off the plane, and it continued on to Detroit.

“He was free to go.”

The witness said the airline allowed the passenger to continue onward to Michigan.

The passengers were not identified and Des Moines International Airport said it was investigating the incident 

Sun Online has reached out to Spirit for comment. 

The airline said the air conditioning was running while on the ground and flight attendants had tried to de-escalate the situation before the emergency landing.

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