Moment man throws his old sofa out a window and nearly kills neighbour

Moment a man throws his old sofa out of the window and nearly kills his neighbour walking below

  • ‘Lazy’ flat owner decided to throw his old sofa out of his third floor window
  • He had not realised his neighbour was heading out & was in danger of being hit
  • The old chair landed narrowly close to his neighbour, who looked up in a daze 

A man who was ‘too lazy’ to take his old sofa downstairs narrowly avoided seriously injuring his neighbour when he threw it out his window.

The flat owner, named as Mesut Duran, had bought a sofa to replace the one in his home.

And as this dramatic video shows he chose to take the more direct route to throw away his old sofa by hurling it from his third floor window and risked hurting his neighbour in the process.

The sofa was thrown out of a third floor window as the owner was ‘too lazy’ to carry the old one down 

The video shows his neighbour leaving the block of flats and moments later nearly being flattened by the piece of furniture. 

And as it lays in pieces next to her she looks up and waves a few times in his direction as she walks away. 

The incident was recorded by the building’s security camera in the district of Uskudar in the Turkish province of Istanbul.

Speaking to the news website DHA about the incident, Mesut said: ‘I bought a new sofa. I looked, and there was no one in front of the building.

The incident happened in the district of Uskudar in the Turkish province of Istanbul, this month

The image shows that as the flat owner’s old sofa left the window his neighbour had just left the building

After it slammed to the ground next to her, the neighbour looks up in a daze and offers a little wave

‘I decided it was okay to throw the old sofa out of the window.

‘My neighbour came out of the building just as I threw the sofa down. The sofa almost fell on her. She was scared. I was also shocked when she suddenly came out of the building.

‘She’s had a lucky escape. She would have died. I was almost a murderer.’

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