Moment notorious football fan 'Wealdstone Raider' is chased by police

Moment notorious football fan the ‘Wealdstone Raider’ is chased by police and pinned against wall as he is arrested for being drunk and disorderly outside Tube station in London

  • Wealdstone Raider was detained by police after a comical London Bridge chase
  • British Transport Police officers detained him outside the News Building
  • The whole chase and capture was filmed by an onlooker who spotted pursuit
  • BTP said they were called to anti-social behaviour report at the railway station
  • They arrested him for being drunk but released him with no further action 

A notorious football fan known as the Wealdstone Raider after going viral following a rant was arrested by police on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly following reports of anti-social behaviour.

The raider – real name Gordon Hill, 55 –  rose to infamy after following a YouTube video where he offered out rival supporters, declaring ‘You want some, I’ll give it ya’.

But on Saturday before the England kick-off he came under a rather different type of attention after being spotted sprinting across London Bridge.

He was being chased by British Transport Police officers who took a few seconds to catch up with him.

They pinned him against the wall of the News Building, where Rupert Murdoch’s Sun and Times newspapers are based.

He was handcuffed during the encounter and taken into custody but was released with no further action to follow.

The Wealdstone Raider became a viral sensation after this video was made in March 2013

He was detained by British Transport Police at the scene on suspicion of being drunk

Video of his brush with the law was captured on phone camera and widely circulated on the internet.

The cameraman shouts over ‘I’m witnessing it mate’ as the Raider shouts back something unable to be made out clearly.

A BTP spokesman told MailOnline: ‘British Transport Police attended London Bridge railway station following a report of anti-social behaviour at 8.18pm on Saturday July 3.

‘A man was arrested on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly in a public place and conveyed to police custody. He was later released and no further action was taken.’

The mobile phone user spied the unusual police chase and filmed it at London Bridge

The footage showed the moment one officer caught up with him and brought him to stop

His colleague then arrived and Mr Hill appeared to be handcuffed or restrained by his wrists

Mr Hill appeared to acknowledge the arrest on a Twitter account under his name.

He declared this morning over the top of a mocked up picture of him behind bars: ‘Cmon then – after what I’ve been through where’s the go fund me page?’

The original video of Mr Hill, a builder, went viral in March 2013 and has been seen by millions of people around the globe.

It features him at the grounds of Whitehawk FC as they took on his beloved Wealdstone FC.

It was filmed by Whitehawk supporter Darren Ward and escalated when he realised he was being videoed.

He reeled off phrases he has now become renowned for, including “You want some, I’ll give it ya”” and “You’ve got no fans”.

The unlikely social media star later admitted being midly drunk and losing his temper.

But he insisted he only kicked off because he thought the rival fans were mocking his appearance and his speech impediment. 

Mr Ward said of the film: ‘What happened was, we saw this little bloke getting a bit rowdy at the football.

‘So I turned to my mate Jeff and said “We’ll wind him up and video him”. I had no idea it’d go this big – everyone’s gone mad for it.’

The Raider used his new-found fame to record a charity single called ‘Got No Fans’ in 2014.

There had been a campaign to get it to the top of charts at Christmas, and it reached number 5.

It had been made to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital, which had treated him as a child. 

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