Monster rat like ‘Ninja Warrior’ spotted climbing up food shelf in Aldi

An Aldi shopper was petrified when she spotted a giant rat having an adventure in the supermarket.

Caity, who lives in Australia, filmed the massive rodent making a stroll down the aisle filled with bottled drinks and water.

Sharing the footage on her TikTok @caity.potaty, she joked: "Latest special at Aldi. Definitely on a rat mission he was…"

The animal is seen climbing up a shelf that has a sign reading "Nuts" on the side. Aldi signage can also be seen throughout the clip.

It grips on the metal grids with its tiny hands and yanks itself upwards.

Caity's video has gone viral, raking in more than 2 million views since being posted on June 26.

Many viewers were horrified and asked for the location of the Aldi store, but Caity did not reply to the comments, although it is believed it took place in Australia.

One wrote: "Oh my God! It's like watching Ninja Warrior animal editions."

"Keep them away from me!" a second added and a third asked: "What Aldi? Never go again."

Others pulled out the rat jokes and references from movies.

"My boy Ratatouille is working on his rock climbing skills," one viewer said.

Another movie fan commented: "Remi just trying to get his saffron."

"He is just panic buying, leave him alone," a third commented with a joke.

A spokesperson from Aldi Australia did not comment on the specific incident but told Daily Star: "We encourage the customer to contact our Customer Service Department directly so that we can look into this further."

This not the first time Aldi customers found rats in the store. One customer was horrified when she found a live rat trapped inside a sealed package of plums.

The woman only realised when she brought it back home and heard a rummaging noise in the kitchen only to find the animal curling up inside the container.

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