Moped gangs now targeting school run parents in terrifying new tactic

Noralyn Pitts, 42, was targeted by the thugs as she sat in her car while paying for parking in leafy Hampstead, North London.

She had just taken her two children, aged seven and ten, to prep school when two men rode up on a scooter and smashed her passenger window with a rock.

She told the Daily Mail: “A man reached into my car through the broken window, shouting for my bag, scrabbling round trying to find it on the seat. But he realised it wasn't there, so he started yelling at me.

“I was hysterical; covered in shards of broken glass.”

Noralyn managed to escape and sprinted down the street, only for the robbers to flee the scene empty handed.

Luckily a road sweeper saw the attack and called the police.

Hampstead is an affluent area, home to celebrities like Harry Styles, Rita Ora and Michael McIntrye who was recently targeted by a moped gang who stole his £15,000 watch.

Noralyn is frustrated that the Met Police are not putting more officers on the beat, especially as Hampstead is a “prime target” for muggers.

She said: “I feel angry: angry that the criminals are getting more brazen and violent. You think you are safe inside your car; you're not any more.”

Lawless London – the shocking rise in violent crime

LAWLESS London has seen a terrifying rise in violent crime with 60 moped gang attacks a day and a higher murder rate than New York.

Statistics show how the police have lost control of large parts of the capital, with ultra-violent youths running riot.

The easy availability of knives and acid, and the speed and manoeuvrability of scooters, has combined to see London gang warfare reach terrifying new levels.

The most recent official figures recorded 19,385 moped crimes in just nine months – a rate of around sixty a day.

This is a 1,000 per cent rise in just three years.

As well as moped gang attacks, the capital has also seen a sharp rise in the number of stabbings and shootings.

The new Met Police statistics  showed a five per cent rise in violent crime in the past year.

Statistics showed 35 youth homicides in the last 12 months, which was up 25 per cent, a surge in the rate of muggings of 30 per cent, and an 18 per cent rise in knife crime offences.

Since the turn of the year more than 60 people have been murdered on the streets of London – which has seen the capital overtake New York.

Moped gangs have fuelled Britain’s biggest crime rise in a decade.

London alone saw 16,000 last year — up from just 1,053 in 2014.

They have been used in crimes such as phone snatches and gem store raids, while two moped muggers were convicted of murder last month after knifing charity worker Abdul Samad, 28, in Maida Vale, West London.

Last year a ten-strong £1million London moped raid gang got 110 years’ jail.

Thugs also tried to rob West Ham’s Andy Carroll of a £22,000 watch and targeted ex-Chancellor George Osborne.
Ministers plan a law change to spare cops from prosecution if unhelmeted crooks are hurt or killed during pursuits.

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