Mugger’s horror transformation after drug habit shown in police mugshot

A mugger's police mugshot showed his incredible transformation after years of drug abuse.

A Facebook picture of criminal Ryan Burnside shows him smiling at the camera looking like any normal, healthy young man.

But the career crook's latest picture shows him in an entirely different light.

After being arrested for attempted robbery, the police mugshot shows Burnside, 22, looking noticeably thinner as he stared into the camera.

Hull Crown Court was told Burnside, 22, had been a Class A drug user for much of his adult life and had already managed to rack up 24 convictions, ranging from taking vehicles without consent to burglary, before his latest offence which he carried out to get cash for more drugs.

His latest conviction saw Burnside, wearing just a dressing gown, approach a woman who was getting £80 cashback after doing her shopping.

He told her he was homeless and asked her to "help him out" but the woman said: "Leave me alone."

Burnside then grabbed her arms and tried to put his hand into her trouser pocket to take her phone or her cash, but she fought back and booted him between the legs as hard as she could.

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Shop staff handed over CCTV footage of the attempted robbery to police. After he was arrested and bailed, he returned to the shop with a friend and shouted that the staff were "all scummy grasses…. You should have not given the police the footage. I only attempted to mug the girl."

A member of staff told Burnside to leave but he replied: "What are you going to do?" His friend then warned staff not to "mess" with them.

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Burnside, 22, of Endike Lane, Hull, admitted attempted robbery on October 29 and intimidating a witness on November 10.

Ben Hammersley, mitigating, said that Burnside was a long term drug addict and added: "He has been glad of the time he has had in custody in that it has helped him recover his health and get clean. If he were to continue down this road, he would likely end up dead."

Burnside was jailed for a year.

Anyone seeking help with drug addictions can call the Frank drugs helpline on 0300 123 6600.

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