Mum begs state to take away her two out-of-control teen daughters because she no longer loves them

Tammy, from New South Wales in Australia, claims her daughters, Hillary, 14, and Sophie, 18, smoke weed, skip school and threaten her with knives.

She says she lives in fear of the foul-mouthed teens and can no longer handle their behaviour.

“Lock them up. Lock them up,” Tammy told A Current Affair.

“I have come to the end of my tether.”

“There is no love. I don't love them. They're nasty and I don't love the people they are.”

Tammy filmed her daughters’ shocking antics in a video diary she handed to the TV program.

In the footage, Tammy can be seen trying to haul her daughters out of bed as they try to avoid school.

But the arguments often descend into shouting matches.

Tammy claims the rows sometimes get so heated that her daughters tell her they hope she gets into a horrific accident.

“‘Why don’t you drive your car into a tree?’ They’ve said that to me. That really hurts,” she said.

The mum claims to have caught the girls marijuana – but they have denied this.

“We don't treat her like rubbish,” Sophie said. “You don't see how she treats us either.”

Tammy admitted that she had occasionally acted in retaliation to the girls' behaviour.

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