Mum gets very x-rated Amazon Prime surprise after shopping for kids’ party toys

A paddling pool, a bouncy castle or trampoline, maybe a sandpit – these are sorts of things you associate with a kids’ outdoor party .

Yet when mum Jeni Dobson turned to Amazon Prime for some inspiration for a friend’s son, she was left taken aback by what the e-commerce giant suggested.

Child-friendly it was not.

Luckily Jeni saw the funny side and was in "hysterics" after her search for "outside toys" recommended this:

A "6 inches Realistic Silicone Love Wand Toy".

Said toy came with the description "Big Soft Flexible and Skin-friendly". Good to know.

Jeni, 36, had been trawling the site with her brother-in-law, Ryan Thomas when the rogue "toy" popped up.

"We were in hysterics but quickly had to shut the screen.

"We were about to go to a children’s party with 40 children so I was thinking ‘yes I’ll order that massive dildo for outdoors’.

"Maybe that’s what other people class as outdoor pursuits.

"We did wonder if it was waterproof. It was the fact that it’s also quite big and it’s suggested for outdoor use and for immediate delivery for those that can’t wait. It had us in tears."

Jeni, from Northamptonshire took a screenshot and sent it to her family, who all had a good laugh about it too.

The full-time mum also contacted Amazon, who promptly removed the x-rated item.

She added: "It was funny but they shouldn’t be selling products like that under ‘outdoor toys’.

"You expect it to be random games. Maybe they should have a separate section for ‘adult outdoor toys’.

"It does make you wonder what kind of things people have been ordering.

"We had been looking at birthday presents for five year old boys in the previous search so you would think Amazon would be screening it."e

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