Mum punched in the face by ex as she was driving before he dragged her from the car and left her in just a dressing gown

A MUM was punched in the face by her savage ex as she drove at 50mph before being dragged from the car and dumped at the side of the road.

Terrified Marie Gradwell, 31, was travelling at high speed as she drove boozed-up Lloyd Scott, 27, to his mum's house after he demanded a lift.

The brute then repaid the favour by punching Marie in the face and pulling her hair – causing her to swerve across the road in County Durham.

She eventually managed to pull the Vauxhall Vectra over but raging Scott grabbed the keys from the ignition and dragged Marie from the car.

The mum-of-two was left in the pitch black wearing just her dressing gown after the thug drove off in the motor.

He was eventually caught after a high-speed chase with police that included his wheel flying off the car when he drove over a stinger device.


Marie said: "When he dragged me from the car I was terrified. There were no streetlights, it was pitch black and all I had on was my dressing gown.

"By some miracle I had managed to get out of the car with my phone so I called the police."

The couple met on Tinder in November last year but split at the end of May when they began arguing about money.

They hadn't seen each other for three weeks when Scott launched into the savage attack.

Scott has now been caged for 26 months after admitting dangerous driving, common assault, aggravated vehicle taking, driving with excess alcohol and driving whilst disqualified and without insurance.


Durham Crown Court heard how the thug had shown up at Marie's home drunk and hurling abuse at the mum while demanding a lift.

She agreed to defuse the situation but as soon as they got out on the road, Scott launched into a vile rant as he branded her a "slag".

Marie said: "Then he punched me in the face.

"It was so unexpected. I didn't think he would ever do that.

"I had trusted him around my children. I was in shock. I was scared I was going to crash. I was on a main road, doing about 50mph."

Scott, who already has a string of motoring offences, was banned from driving for four years and was also slapped with a restraining order stopping him from contacting Marie for five years.

Marie, who has two children aged 13 and six, has now slammed his soft sentence.

She said: "Personally, I really don't think it's long enough.

"But I don't want to be a victim. He is going to have to live with the fact he is a woman beater for the rest of his life."

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