Mum-of-six kidnapped and murdered had stars carved into her by devil worshippers

A mum-of-six was found dead with stars carved into her palms after she was kidnapped by five devil worshippers dressed in black.

Gloria Liceth Izaguirre Torres was subjected to a bizarre satanic ritual after she was abducted as she left home for an early morning shopping trip, according to authorities.

The 42-year-old’s body was found wearing a black tunic in an abandoned house in the small village of Corralitos in southern Honduras.

She was reportedly surrounded by four candles and a star had been carved into the palm of each of her hands with a knife.

The victim had also been stabbed in the stomach.

There was an inverted wooden cross on the wall in front of the mum’s body with the scrawled message: "Pact 2018."

Another message was found at the crime scene written in English, saying: "For the power that the spirits of darkness grant me and for all that they have given me, I come to give them as an offering my life and also for the whole curse to end."

According to local media, it was a satanic ritual and residents said that they saw five people dressed in black leave the house where the body was later found abandoned.

Ms Torres was kidnapped in the city of Comayaguel where she lived with her children aged from 22 to four-years-old.

Her body was found by officers of the National Police of Honduras.

The investigation continues.

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