Mum ‘sold newborn for £250 and bought sweets and clothes for her other children’

A mum has been accused of selling her new born baby boy on the black market for £250 and using the money to pay for sweets and clothes for her other children.

Chechena, 30, has three school age children, but fell pregnant with her fourth child earlier this year.

She allegedly sold the child, a baby boy, to a childless couple she met through acquaintances, who immediately took her child away in a taxi.

Russian police intervened when childcare officials, who knew she had been pregnant, became suspicious over the whereabouts of her baby.

The mum-of-three allegedly told officers she used the woman buyer’s passport when she registered for a scan and later to enter the maternity hospital in April.

After the baby was born, a midwife is understood to have handed the baby to a man Chechena was with, who is now believed to be the buyer’s husband.

Chechena allegedly said she felt her “maternal instincts” as soon as her son was born, but went ahead with the plot.

She claims the couple allegedly took the child away in a taxi, and although she called them several times after they did not answer.

Chechena allegedly told police: "When I gave birth to a son, my maternal instincts appeared.

"Before we were discharged from the hospital, I breastfed him myself.

"They immediately took the child away in a taxi.

"Later I called them several times, and they did not answer.

"Then they blacklisted me."

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The couple then allegedly agreed to pay Chechena £250 (25,000 roubles) as a lump sum to her bank account.

It is said she used the money to “buy sweets and clothes for the children,” but added that if they had given the child back, Chechena would have kept it.

Chechena and the couple face up to 15 years in jail if convicted under Russia’s child trafficking laws.

The buyers have been found and are now in detention.

The baby boy is in the care of social services.

A police spokeswoman said: "She honestly admitted that she handed the baby over for money to a childless couple who she had met some time before."

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