Mum sues primary school over 'campaign of racist abuse' against son, 7, by other pupils

Juliet Ryan, 47, alleges her son was subjected to a campaign of physical and verbal abuse by fellow pupils at Holland Park Primary School in Clacton, Essex.

In one incident she claims the youngster, who she does not wish to name, was called a n***** more than ten times.

Julia is seeking damages from the governing body of the school saying it did not do enough to tackle the problem.

The mother of two, who is now moving away from Clacton with her children, said: “He was living on a knife edge the whole time he was there.

"I just felt like I couldn't protect him. There is just no way I could let him carry on at that school.

"I went to school in Essex and experienced similar abuse and it breaks my heart to see it happening to my children."

In February 2018, a note written by the boy's GP said the youngster, who does not want to be named, was "not medically fit" to attend school for two weeks due to anxiety.

Julia withdrew him from the school permanently in April this year after she had to take him to hospital when he was slapped in the face so hard it caused swelling.

She says when she discussed discrimination and safeguarding with school staff, she was accused of being "threatening."

Julia, who is chief executive of equalities charity Working Action Group, went to the police when her second son, 15, came home from Clacton County High School with racist slurs scrawled on his shirt. One comment said “go back to the jungle”, another said “c***.”

Fellow parent Saskia King is also seeking damages from Holland Park’s governing body alleging her son was racially abused and bullied.

Mrs King said her ten- year-old boy was assaulted by fellow pupils, but added the school "did not do nearly enough" to protect him and educate pupils about the harm of racism.

A spokeswoman for Premier Learning Trust, who run Holland Park Primary school, said: "We acknowledge that legal action has been taken by Mrs Ryan. Given the fact that the legal proceedings are still active we are unable to comment further."

Neil Gallagher, Clacton County High School principal, said: "I am both shocked and appalled that a CCHS student would have acted in such a manner. Clacton County High School will not, and does not, tolerate racism or prejudice in any shape or form."

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