Mum travelling with her 3 kids slams couple who refused to move from her reserved seats on packed train – The Sun

A MUM has hit out at a couple who reportedly refused to give up the seats she reserved for her and her three children on a long train journey.

Amanda Mancino-Williams, 37, said she boarded the full CrossCountry train from Cheltenham to Nottingham with her kids when a couple with "posh" accents said her reserved tickets didn't matter.

The writer snapped a picture of the couple on the train and tweeted about the encounter to her 47,700 followers.

Another image she shared shows her three kids squeezed into the two seats across from the couple.

She said the woman told them she wouldn't move.

Amanda said another man offered his reserved seat while she was waiting for the conductor to come and resolve the awkward situation.

When she spoke to the train conductor he moved her and her children to an empty table in first class.

A spokesman for CrossCountry trains said it was a shame the family was "let down by others who ignore the labels", but hoped they enjoyed the "extra space in First Class".

Amanda told The Sun Online if the couple had given her a reason to keep the seats she would have let them.

She said: "What's the point of reserving if anyone can just take any seat? It's inane.

"But, if she had asked for the seat and gave a good reason, I would have obliged.

"Her instant dismissiveness of me and the children told me all I needed to know about her. I didn't feel it was my responsibility to acquiesce to that kind of behaviour.

"I was shocked and tired. Any mother who travels with bags and children knows how your mind is in a thousand places, so things like reserved seats are something you count on.

"They make your journey manageable. I'd booked a table so the children could do their schoolwork."


She added: "I showed her my tickets, the reserved tickets were on the seat and she looked at me and said, 'I'm sorry, we're not moving'.

"A young man in his late 20s, early 30s gave me his seat as I was waiting for the conductor. It was his reserved seat.

"No one intervened other than that. A few people said they couldn't believe the couple as I walked past. Shaking of heads, that kind of thing."

She shared the bizarre encounter on Twitter and her post has been liked more than 5,000 times and retweeted more 1,500 times.

Amanda wrote: "If a mum with 3 kids and bags has 4 reserved seats for a long train journey, and you're sitting in their seats on a full carriage, don't tell them that their tickets don't matter in a posh voice and then say you're not moving and refuse to make eye contact. Don't be these people.

"A kind man offered me his seat. Spoke to conductor who was calm, lovely, and apologetic, said that instead of engaging with them that he was going to move us to an empty table in first class.


"I grabbed our bags and turned to the couple and said, with a smile, 'enjoy your seats!'

"I would always give up a seat, reserved or not, for someone who needed it more.

"But for her to tell me that my tickets meant nothing and then refuse to acknowledge me? Do people just expect you to slink away?"

Amanda later tweeted: "I'm already being told off for posting a picture over an 'everyday occurrence'.

"But isn't that the point?

"It only continues to be an everyday occurrence as long as people don't get called out for their pathetic behaviour. I'm sick of protecting a*****s."

Many praised the mum for her actions.

One said: "Well done for posting this! It may be an 'everyday' occurrence but that doesn’t excuse this couple’s appalling behaviour.

"Civilised societies depend on people following rules – like seat reservations on trains. Otherwise we have anarchy. Enjoy first class."

Another added: "You got better seats, these miserable people get to spend the rest of their lives together. Here’s to happy endings."

A spokesman for CrossCountry told The Sun Online: “It’s a shame when a family has reserved seats to travel together, to be let down by others who ignore the labels in the back of their chairs.

"However, we’ll be thanking our conductor for quickly resolving the situation and hope they all enjoyed the extra space in First Class.”

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