Mum who died while running a bath was seen crying for help before collapsing

A mum-of-two suffered a cardiac arrest and died while running herself a bath, with her final moments captured on her home's security camera.

Megan Creevy, 28, from Liverpool, collapsed at her front door on September 7 after dropping her son off at school.

She was seen crouched in the doorway of her home shouting for help before a passer-by rushed over to assist her, the Liverpool Echo reports.

The woman called 999 and Megan was rushed to the hospital as she had collapsed and had stopped breathing.

Despite the medics’ best efforts, she could not be resuscitated, however, and was pronounced dead.

On the day she died, Megan's partner returned home that night to find their house completely flooded from the upstairs bathroom and landing through to downstairs because the bath had been left running for hours.

Megan's cries for help were recorded on a security camera in her house, which Jeanette said made "extremely distressing listening" but was necessary in helping them to try and find answers about what happened.

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Following a medical investigation over the past month, the cause of death was listed as Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome, which is when someone dies unexpectedly from a cardiac arrest, but the cause of the cardiac arrest cannot be found.

Megan’s mother-in-law, Jeanette Storey, 52, described her as a "generous and giving" person with a "bright, infectious smile".

Jeanette said: "She was loved by so many people and is missed by everyone who knew her.

"She lived for her family – her partner of 11 years and her two children, a son aged nine and a daughter, aged three. Her partner’s older son, aged 14, Megan treated as her own and they had a wonderful, close relationship."

A Just Giving Page has been set up by friends in order to help her family with the funeral costs, having raised over £3,700 so far.

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