My 15-stone 6ft dog is so huge people think he’s a COW when we go for walks – but he won’t stop sitting on my lap | The Sun

A BLOKE has told how his 15-stone pooch is so huge that people think he is a cow rather than a canine.

Standing on his hind legs at a tremendous six-foot tall, Diego the Great Dane towers over the average pup – and his adoring owner.

Dog dad Carlos, who is originally from Brazil, explained his pet has often been mistaken for a farm animal thanks to his incredible height as well as his black and white fur.

But the enormous dog still thinks he can easily slot across his owner's lap – whether they're relaxing on the sofa or riding public transport.

Diego is never far from his owner's side and has become a celebrity on the tube after causing a stir on commutes from their east London home.

"Almost everyone knows him," Carlos told MyLondon. "If you have a Great Dane, everyone wants to come and talk and take pictures."


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The animal lover explained they have been joined at the hip since he bought Diego as a puppy in 2015.

Carlos spent 17 years trying to persuade his wife Ellie to become dog owners, as she was terrified of them.

But the sweet talker somehow convinced her to take on one of the biggest breeds in existence – and now she is besotted with him.

Carlos joked: "Now, if I asked her to choose between me or Diego, Diego would stay.

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"She does everything for him – he controls the house."

Weighing a whopping 15-stone, Diego is larger than life – and so is his appetite.

The insatiable Great Dane can't help but swipe food from his brother Nelson's bowl, the kitchen side, and even strangers' plates.

Carlos continued: "He steals food everywhere – he's not very well-behaved with food.

"If some guys are having lunch and they blink, Diego will grab it."

If the humongous dog gets a whiff of his favourite snack, pizza, all bets are off and "he gets crazy."

But his owners say their dog is a big friendly giant with a docile nature, even when fans of the Great Dane flock around him.

The seven-year-old pooch accompanies Carlos to work, restaurants and even the pub – proving he really is a man's best friend.

On sunny days, the inseparable duo even share a motorbike, with Diego adorably sitting in the sidecar.

The pampered pooch even has a pair of his very own doggy goggles – dubbed doggles – to ensure he rides in style.

Carlos said: "If I touch the sidecar, he knows we're going out. If I put on my jacket or grab the helmet, he knows – it's crazy.

"Great Danes are lazy – they're lap dogs. Everywhere they go, they sit…I put him on the sidecar and he sat down, and that's it."

Carlos and Diego certainly turn heads on their travels, but the owner says the pandemonium around his pet has started to cause some problems.

They have caused traffic jams and are often followed by crowds on the underground as fans desperately try and grab a snap of the dog.

The pair have even been pulled over by the police for a picture, although Carlos panicked and thought they were in trouble.

The Brazilian said he has started wearing a balaclava on his outings with his loveable hound, who appears to be taking on celebrity status.

Carlos added: "If you want to meet people and make friends, walk a Great Dane in London."

Diego even has his own Instagram profile as social media users also can't get enough of him – which boasts over 6,000 followers.

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