My nightmare neighbour blasts our home with a HOSE and threatens us with an iron bar – she won't stop tormenting us

A NIGHTMARE neighbour was caught on camera allegedly threatening a mum and daughter with an iron bar and blasting their windows with a hose.

The pair say they've endured months of torment at the hands of the elderly woman and are pleading with police and the council to make her stop.

The mum, 57, who does not want to be named, moved with her daughter to the village of South Cave, East Yorkshire, last March.

Since then the elderly neighbour has "done nothing but keep going at us," she told the Hull Daily Mail.

Months of alleged antisocial behaviour has included shouted abuse, loud noises and banging on the walls.

Last month the council supplied recording equipment to captured further incidents of noise.

And a camera filmed the neighbour wielding an iron bar in a threatening manner, the local paper reports.

The woman was also filmed spraying their windows with a hose.

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The terrified mum said: "They do nothing but keep banging late at night, hammering the walls.

"We had to have the police down two weeks ago.

"We caught her on the camera, she was hosepiping the front room windows.

"She said she hadn't done it, (but) the police saw what she'd done."

The mum said her neighbour has since paid to have the windows cleaned.

But she but soon reverted to her hostile behaviour after the police left.

"That night, she started again," she said.

"She came in front of the windows and started mouthing off."

The mum alleged the neighbour has also made threats to her daughter.

Humberside Police said: "We have spoken to the parties involved and are working with partner agencies to resolve this."

East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: "The council takes all complaints regarding antisocial behaviour extremely seriously and will investigate all complaints when possible to do so.

"Further dialogue with the tenant will take place this week as originally planned."

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