My one-year-old baby almost died after her pram fell down a shopping centre escalator – it was absolutely horrendous

A MUM has described the "horrendous" moment her one-year-old baby almost died after her pram toppled down a shopping centre escalator.

Emma Chesters, 28, was in the Arndale Centre in Manchester with her little girl Violet when she "lost grip" of the buggy as she neared the top of an escalator.

The mum said the pram, with baby Violet strapped in, "somersaulted" to the bottom as horrified shoppers looked on.

Emma said she "could hear people screaming" as she rushed down to help her daughter.

She told Manchester Evening News: "I was in Next and I saw the lift and there was a big group of women with prams so I just got onto the escalator.

"As I got about three quarters of the way I lost my grip.

"We was going up it, I had my back towards the side of the escalator going up and the baby was facing out, she was looking downwards."

Emma said the pram "did at least three somersaults to the bottom".

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She said: "It was absolutely horrendous. I just could just hear people screaming, I just felt like I couldn't breathe at the time."

An ambulance was called and arrived "within minutes" and the pair were taken to hospital.

Violet was checked over and taken to the children's emergency department.

Luckily, the tot escaped with just two cuts under her nostrils, one cut on her lip and a bump on her head.

Emma said her daughter is now recovering at home – and "lucky to be alive".

She said: "Violet was wearing a padded coat, had blankets on her and was wearing a hat and she was strapped in.

"The doctors said that could have possibly saved her."


Emma said she wants to thank everyone who helped her – especially a female security guard in the Next store who was "absolutely unbelievable".

She said the woman, who was wearing a black suit, rang the ambulance and "stayed by their sides".

Emma said: "I never got to say thank you to her but she was unbelievable."

The mum now wants bollards should be put in front of escalators so people with prams and pushchairs can't get through to use them.

She said: "I know that people think they are never going to let go of the pushchair but it is so dangerous."

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