My phone was was stolen at a Christmas market – I tracked it back to ROMANIA

A WOMAN who had her phone stolen at a Christmas market in Birmingham was left furious after it turned up 1,500 miles away… in Romania.

The victim, who wished to remain anonymous, began tracking her device after it was stolen at the festive market on December 12.

She was left baffled when one week later the Track My iPhone app informed her that her device was no longer in the UK but Romania.

It was then that she remembered the moment she believes she was targeted.

The victim said she saw pairs of women walking around the market selling trinkets.

"Two of the Romanian women selling roses approached me and my boyfriend," she told CoventryLive.

"One seemed to disappear behind and one came very close in front begging for us to buy the rose.

"I checked about two or three minutes after and the phone was gone from my pocket."

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It was one week later when the device turned up in Romania that the penny dropped on who had robbed her phone.

"I was fuming," the victim said.

She is now urging others who plan to attend the market next year to be careful.

"People who commit these kind of crimes don’t realise how much stress they cause to others," she said.

"I would say to people attending the German Market to keep their possessions in hand or in a zipped up bag where they can see it and don’t leave your phones, wallets or other possessions in pockets where they can easily be grabbed."

In November, a Brit tracked down his stolen motorbike after seeing it advertised on Facebook in Romania.

Kelston Chorley said he was forced to embark on his own investigation after police closed his case with “little interest” in recovering his beloved vehicle.

The 47-year-old was furious when his bike was stolen from his garage and reported it to Thames Valley Police – but said all they did was “log the crime” without ever looking into it.

It was then flown out of the country by thieves and ended up on the streets of a small village north of the capital Bucharest.

But after seeing it for sale on social media, Kelston jumped straight on a flight to try and get it back.

And with the help of local police in Romania, he has now been reunited with it and is in the process of getting it transported back home.

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