Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe's husband fears she will return to jail

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s husband fears she will be sent back to Iranian jail when lockdown ends after her temporary release during coronavirus crisis

  • Richard Ratcliffe renewed his call for the Government to get his wife back to UK 
  • His family have been granted brief respite, speaking to Nazanin over Skype 
  • But he says that he is preparing for the worst in case she goes back to prison  
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Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s husband has revealed that she has been playing dolls with her five-year-old daughter Gabriella over Skype. 

Richard Ratcliffe told Good Morning Britain today that he wife is enjoying spending time with her daughter on video calls since being released from an Iranian jail.

But he told the show he fears that she will be sent back to the prison once the coronavirus lockdown has ended in the country.

‘Nazanin’s been under lockdown for eight weeks,’ he said today. ‘No one can visit her because she’s a high level political prisoner.’

But he added: ‘It’s lovely to be able to speak on Skype to her.’ And he said that during the disruption of the coronavirus crisis, their daughter has been able to play with her mother over video chat.

‘For her the disruption has been mitigated by having Nazanin on the phone and playing dolls with her on Skype,’ he said.

Mr Ratcliffe said that although he felt ‘euphoric’ when he heard his wife could finally be released, he is preparing for the worst. 

Pictured: Richard and his daughter, Gabriella, speak on Skype to Nazanin who is being held in Iran 

‘It would be great if we could become a normal family,’ he said. ‘There’s a possibility we’ll find out on Wednesday there’s a chance we’ll find out in the next couple of weeks if it doesn’t happen in the next couple of weeks we need to think it hasn’t happened.

‘Part of me needs to prepare for the fact she might sent back to prison and then keep on campaigning and pressuring the government.’

He renewed his call for the government to do everything they can for his wife, despite Boris Johnson being consumed by the coronavirus pandemic. 

‘He’s got a lot going on and the government always does have,’ he told the programme. 

‘It’s clear the Foreign Secretary is following this case closely. When I met the Prime Minister back in January he was clear he wanted to do everything he could but after four years part of me doesn’t trust that it will happen.’

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