Nearly 400 people evacuated from Ibiza boat heading to mainland

A passenger ferry travelling between Majorca, Ibiza and the Spanish mainland had to be evacuated after running aground last night.

Nearly 400 people were ordered off the boat and put into life rafts in the port of Denia, around 30 miles from Benidorm.

The Spanish coastguard and police helped passengers get to safety in a dramatic rescue mission that took two hours to complete.

Incredibly there were no reports of any injuries as the Pinar del Rio ferry was cleared.

Cars had to be left on board until the boat is floated again and people were taken by bus to Valencia or Alicante.

Balearia said in a statement: ‘The fast ferry Pinar del Rio ran aground at 11.30pm last night by Denia’s harbour wall without any personal injury to passengers or crew.

‘The fast ferry, which was coming from Palma and Ibiza, was going to dock in the port. There were 393 people and 70 vehicles on board.

‘All the passengers were unharmed and were evacuated using Spanish Coastguard and Civil Guard vessels and a Balearia tug.’

The company insisted there was no fuel spillage as an investigation was launched.

Divers are evaluating the damage to the ship and trying to refloat the ferry so it can be brought into port.

Passengers due to travel today on the stricken ferry have been relocated to three other ships.

The Pinar del Rio fast ferry was involved in an incident in June last year when it ran aground off San Antonio in Ibiza.

The vessel can carry 463 people and 80 vehicles.


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