Netanyahu’s bombshell should finish off the Iran nuclear deal

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just dropped his own bombshell on the Iran nuclear deal, citing a secret archive obtained by the Mossad that he says proves conclusively “Iran lied — big time.”

In a dramatic English-language speech and PowerPoint presentation, Netanyahu on Monday reproduced documents, slides and animation from among 100,000 pages he said showed Iran secretly hid in a bunker.

The archive, he said, shows conclusively that Iran lied when it denied ever having a nuclear-weapons program.

More important, he cited documents suggesting that while Iran shut down that program, Operation Amad, in 2003, it actually continued the work covertly with the same personnel. Moreover, Iran “is secretly storing Amad material to use at a time of its choice” — i.e., when the deal expires.

Its goal: Develop five 10-kiloton nuclear warheads, each about the strength of the US bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945, for use on long-range ballistic missiles.
And inspections under the deal have failed to find any evidence of the illicit work — which, again, continued at least through 2015.

It’s proof, Bibi declared, that the 2015 deal negotiated by President Barack Obama “was based on lies” and deception. And he called on President Trump to tear up the agreement by the May 12 deadline.

Not surprisingly, Iran ridiculed Netanyahu’s speech as “crying wolf,” and supporters of the deal called it “old news.”

True, the fact that Iran had a nuclear-weapons program isn’t new. Nor is the widespread belief that Iran will resume its work when the deal expires. But Netanyahu has now presented documentary evidence from Iran’s own files to back that up.

And if the material is legitimate — and there’s no reason to believe it isn’t — it shifts the burden of proof onto Tehran.

Even without this new evidence, the deal is inherently flawed: Its provisions begin expiring in just seven years — and its inspections in the interim are plainly inadequate.

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