New calls to impeach Biden as Marjorie Taylor Greene says ‘Dems don’t care about migrant kids in cages’

REP Marjorie Taylor Greene has renewed calls to impeach Joe Biden, saying that "Dems don't care about migrant kids in cages."

The QAnon supporting representative from Georgia brought back the #ImpeachBiden hashtag when slamming the president for his border policies.

Greene posted a video originally shared by Texas Sen Ted Cruz on Twitter that showed children in "pods" in Donna, Texas, where there has reportedly been an influx in immigration attempts — including by many unaccompanied minors.

"[Joe Biden] intentionally and purposefully implemented policies that allowed this to happen," Greene wrote.

"There's a reason he won't even allow the Fake News Media in. #ImpeachBiden."

She then shared a zoomed in screenshot of two kids in the "pods," and added, "[Joe Biden] did this. #ImpeachBiden," again for good measure.

She then shared the video again with a new caption.

"All the proof you ever need that Democrats don't care about Covid or children in cages," she wrote. "Or your business. Or your church. Or your children going to school. They are too busy importing future voters."

This is not the first time the controversial Georgia Rep has called for Biden's impeachment.

In fact, she began talking about how she would try to impeach him as soon as she was sworn into Congress, before he was sworn in as president.

She also spoke about impeaching Biden in February when a computer store owner had to shut down his business after a scandal involving the president's son Hunter Biden's laptop.

"The man who owned the computer store had to shut down his business because of defamation and threats, while Hunter Biden and Joe Biden have not bee held accountable for their corrupt business dealing with CCP controlled energy companies," she tweeted.

"So about Hunter's laptop? Impeach Biden," she added.

The laptop scandal allegedly involved a computer that Hunter left at a Delaware store and never picked up, that was then handed over by the store's owner to the FBI.

Donald Trump supporters got the #ImpeachBiden hashtag trending again last week after video of Biden falling up the stairs to Air Force One was shared widely online.

The footage, where Biden tripped repeatedly on the plane's stairs, got the meme treatment online — and had some, like the former president's son Donald Trump Jr., questioning whether Biden, 78, was fit for office.

"Pay no attention to the fact that the President of the United States is so frail that he got knocked over repeatedly by a gust of wind," Trump Jr wrote.

"Nothing at all to see here, folks!"

The president's eldest son tweeted multiple times about the fall, including a video edited to show his father hitting a golf ball at Biden's head.

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