New drone video, photos show extent of oil spill in St. Lazare

Drone video circulating on social media shows the magnitude of an oil spill from a train derailment south of St. Lazare, Man., on Saturday.

Of the 110 Canadian National (CN) train cars loaded with crude oil, 37 of them derailed and piled up, with some leaking onto Jayme Corr’s property.

“I don’t know how to clean up an oil spill and it looks like they (CN) know how,” Corr said. “I’m just going to have to let them do it.”

The derailment covered a distance of 300 to 400 ft., according to the TSB.

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It’s not clear how much oil spilled, but the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) said it is investigating.

“The amount of product recovered from each car will be recorded and compared to the amount of product shipped in each car to estimate the amount of product released during the accident,” an investigation report read on the TSB website.

Corr had initially complained CN ignored him for two days after the derailment but has now said he is pleased with the company’s response.

“We’ve been here 127 years and we’ve got to be neighbours with CN because neither one of us are leaving.”

The oil spilled on his summer pasture, said Corr, and it won’t be needed until the May long weekend to plant.

Corr is hopeful, he said, that the spill will be cleaned up long before then.

CN train cars piled up after a derailment south of St. Lazare, Man.

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