New Zealand slammed for ‘cosying up’ to China at expense of historic Anzac alliance

China: New Zealand calls for 'respect' questioned by commentator

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Australia’s 60 minutes latest special has sparked concern on the divide between Australia and New Zealand. The show, premiering on Sunday, is expected to reflect on the relationship between New Zealand and China. The trailer has caused a stir online with many remarking that New Zealand has been “cosying up” to China rather than challenging Beijing on issues like human rights and the coronavirus pandemic.

Programme host Tom Steinfort said: “The programme will be looking at why New Zealand wouldn’t sign a five eyes condemnation of China.

“It would be looking at why the New Zealand Government, the ministers, have said that Australia needs to show China more respect.

“Why are they doing that?

“In the end, for some people, it is a debate over whether it is morals or money here.

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“Do you stand up to China and if so what does that achieve in the long run.

“On the flip side, if you don’t say anything are you then turning a blind eye to China’s human rights violation.”

Australia’s 1 News political reporter Maiki Sherman reflected on the show and the future of the New Zealand and Australian relationship.

Ms Sherman said: “Drumming up more than 100,000 views on Twitter alone, Jacinda Ardern has claimed she has not seen the 60 minute special but suggests it is a joke.

New Zealand: Ardern 'sold her soul to China' says expert

“There is no denying that our trans-Tasman relationship has been scratchy.

“The final straw according to Australian media is New Zealand’s independent stance on China.

“After raising questions over the origin of Covid-19 and human rights issues, Australia was hit by trade sanctions by China.”

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The narrator in the trailer said: “Just what are the Kiwis up to now?

“On 60 minutes, we thought they were our best friends.

“But it looks like they have ditched us for a fast Chinese buck.

“Could it be that New Zealand is turning into New Xi Land?”

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