Ninja Warrior hero rescues baby and parents stuck in mud thanks to ‘sixth sense’

A heroic former Ninja Warrior contestant has rescued a baby and its parents who were stuck neck deep in mud following a horrific landslide.

Lisa Parkes, an Australian fitness influencer who competed on the hit programme in 2017, says she managed to save the eight-month-old and its distraught parents due to her “sixth sense”.

She was wrapping up a day of rescue efforts in the northern part of New South Wales – which has been particularly hard hit by floods – when her “sixth tense” told her that not everyone had been accounted for.

Lisa then proceeded to climb through a bush towards a house where she roped herself to a tree and descended the landslide.

She told the Saturday Paper: “I could see a baby lying on top of the mud and about 30m or 50m away, the parents, the mum and dad, were buried almost neck deep in the mud and they had been there for more than 24 hours.”

The rescuer said the baby attempted to roll over and caught mud in its mouth, falling unconscious as its helpless parents remained trapped and unable to help.

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After frantically calling 000 (the Australian emergency number) Lisa began giving the baby what proved to be life-saving CPR – while at the same time clinging to her rope.

She then began to dig the parents out from the neck-deep mud.

She added: “Apparently I was like a dog at the beach with the speed I was trying to dig those parents out.

“It must have been, for them, the most horrific thing ever having their child in front of them but not being able to hold on to them.”

The family were airlifted to hospital where they made a full recovery.

She said it was just one of dozens of miraculous rescues being made across the state as communities in northern New South Wales attempt to recover from the floods.

In the city of Lismore, residents are close to admitting defeat after suffering a record-breaking flood, as entire homes, shops and businesses were completely submerged, while others were destroyed and some simply floated away.

Town solicitor Sean Radburn told the Daily Mail: “It's a war zone. It looks like a bomb has gone off. It's so heartbreaking.”

Mum Lisa competed on Australian Ninja Warrior in 2017 after having to relearn how to walk following a horrific car accident.

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