Nurse who lost EIGHT STONE says seeing overweight Covid patients dying forced him to overhaul junk food diet

A STUDENT nurse lost EIGHT STONE after watching overweight coronavirus patients die during the pandemic.

Rhys Perry, 35, ditched the junk food when he realised he could be in the same situation if he did not shed some pounds.

At his biggest he weighed 23st 3lb and wore a size XXXL T-shirt at his biggest – but a year later he is now 14st 12lb and wears a size L.

The pandemic sparked his diet overhaul – after he saw overweight patients in their very early 60s completely bedbound while working in the hospital.

He told Manchester Evening News: “Thinking, ‘That is going to be me’ horrified me.

“On top of that, I’d do 12-hour shifts as a nurse and get home from the ward and my joints would be in agony from standing all day with the pressure of my weight.”

Rhys decided to join WW – formerly Weight Watchers – to ditch the fat during lockdown.

He explained: “The world seemed to be in chaos, but the one thing I could anchor myself on was that I could control what I was eating.

“I just carried on and suddenly 12 months had gone by.

“In June 2021 I did my transformation photo and I’d lost 8st 5lb.”

His appearance became so different that his own father couldn’t recognise him.

He said: "When my dad didn’t recognise me in the supermarket it was the funniest thing ever.

“I walked towards him and, obviously, the masks do have an impact, but it wasn’t until I was right next to him that he realised who I was!”

He added: He said: “Because of lockdown, people haven’t seen me in 12 months, so they were blown away.

“Everyone’s amazed. They’ve been so pleased and proud. People even say I look younger.

“It’s nice when people ask how I did it, as I feel like I’m giving something back.”

“Now I feel happier, my mood is better. I’m more positive and confident in myself.”

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