NYC sizzles as the first heat wave of the summer arrives

Temperatures were hovering at a blistering 100-degrees Sunday — and New Yorkers will have even more sticky sweat to deal with as the first heat wave of the summer is expected to sizzle two days past the July 4th holiday.

Liana Miller, 25, who works in marketing made the trek to Coney Island from Harlem with her boyfriend to cool off in the shadows of the boardwalk. But it wasn’t working.

“It’s so hot, it feels like I’m a sizzling piece of bacon,” said Miller. “It was an hour long Uber ride. And now I’m here, just like a gajilion other people.”

AccuWeather meteorologist John Feerich said New Yorkers are advised to stay inside and keep cool for the next week.

There were some spots where the temperature hit 100-degrees Sunday, including at LaGuardia and Newark Airports, said Feerich.

In Central Park, temperatures were expected to reach 98-degrees Sunday and fall slightly to 94-degrees Monday. For July 4th, it’s expected to be hot and very muggy with a high of 86-degrees and scattered showers.

“This heat wave will last longer than usual. There was a seven day heatwave in 2013, and we might be matching that,” said Feerich.

Meterologists said the hot air started moving in Saturday due to a strong ridge of high pressure coming in from the east.

Katya Leibholz, 25, a tech entrepreneur who lives in Manhattan, was trying to beat the heat with her childhood friend in Coney Island beach:

“I hope it doesn’t get any hotter,” she said. “As a Russian person this is the most I can handle.”

Her friend, Arlinda Hasantjekaj, 25, who works in fundraising and lives in the Bronx, agreed:

“It’s very hot. It’s nice that the beach is just a subway ride away.”

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