NYC woman, 28, followed home by 'psycho' who spotted her on the subway

Terrifying moment NYC woman 28, fights off ‘psycho’ with her purse after he stalked her home from subway then sexually assaulted her in hallway of her building

  • International student from Venezuela was attacked by a man who had spotted her in the subway and followed her to her apartment building in Brooklyn 
  • Police said suspect exited the R station at 45th Street and Fourth Avenue and trailed the 28-year-old victim early Saturday
  • When woman entered her building, the man proceeded to masturbate and grabbed the victim 
  • The woman put up a fight, prompting attacker to punch her in the face and body, leaving her with broken fingers, before fleeing   

Terrifying surveillance footage captured a New York woman bravely fight off a creep who followed her home from a subway train and who sexually assaulted the victim in the hallway of her apartment building.   

The 28 year-old woman, who does not want to be named, was filmed bashing at the man she branded a ‘psycho’ in the hallway of her Sunset Park home in the early hours of Saturday. Her creepy assailant had stalked her home from the subway, then flew at the woman – an English student originally from Venezuela – while pleasuring himself.

The victim’s brave attempts to fight the creep off also resulted in her being beaten up by the furious pervert.   

Speaking exclusively to NBC New York, the victim said her attacker had spotted her at the subway station and, unbeknownst to her, followed her home.

‘I turned my face and I see the guy behind. For me, it was a shock,’ she said.

An international student from Venezuela (left) was attacked by a man who had spotted her in the subway and followed her to her apartment building in Brooklyn (right) 

When the 28-year-old woman entered her apartment building in Sunset Park, the man proceeded to masturbate and then grabbed the victim, as seen on security video

The stranger entered the apartment building where the woman lives near 44th Street and Third Avenue, and proceeded to pleasure himself while making sexual comments directed at the woman, according to the police.

The suspect then grabbed the female student with one hand, while continuing to touch himself with the other, as seen on security video from the building.

‘In this moment I was thinking, “I have to fight him for my life because this is my life, I want to live and I don’t want to live with this trauma,”‘ she said, recounting her decision to resist.

When the man saw that the victim was putting up a fight, he grabbed her by the neck and punched her repeatedly in the face and body, before running away.

The woman put up a fight, as seen on video, prompting the attacker to punch her in the face and body. The victim suffered multiple injuries, including broken fingers 

The 28-year-old student is now too scared to take the subway, or return to her apartment 

Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the perpetrator of Saturday’s assault, seen exiting the subway station 

The victim was taken to a hospital to be treated for multiple injuries, including broken fingers.

Three days after the attack, the 28-year-old said she is too scared to take the subway by herself, and she is staying away from her apartment.

The woman called on city leaders to take actions in order to better protect women in the subway system, which has seen a spike in violent crimes.

‘I know that this guy is in the street right now, I know that he can make the same he tried to do with me, with other girls,’ she said.

Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspect, who was last seen wearing a dark-colored jacket with a hood over a baseball cap, and carrying a backpack.  

The New York Post reported that a strikingly similar incident took place in Sunset Park in 2020, when police said a man followed a 25-year-old woman home from the same subway station, stole her valuables and masturbated on her.  

Saturday’s attack came two weeks after Christina Yuna Lee, 35, was fatally stabbed inside her apartment on the Lower East Side.

Lee, an advertising creative, exited a cab and was followed into her building by a man who slipped in before the door closed behind her.

She was then knifed to death inside her home. Her assailant has been named by police as Assamad Nash, a 25 year-old serial criminal who was on bail for another assault at the time of the murder. 

What does Adams’s subway safety plan for NYC look like?

The mayor’s plan lays out how the Adams administration, in partnership with the MTA and other state entities, will confront these concurrent challenges on New York City’s subway systems. Investments in people will provide immediate support and protection to New Yorkers, while investments in places like drop-in-centers, safe havens, stabilization beds, and Street Homeless Outreach Wellness vans, as well as policy changes at local, state, and federal levels will provide medium- and long-term solutions. These include:

  • Deploying up to 30 Joint Response Teams that bring together DHS, the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, NYPD, and community-based providers in high-need locations across the city
  • Training NYPD officers in the city’s subway system to enforce the MTA and New York City Transit Authority’s rules of conduct in a fair and transparent way
  • Expanding Behavioral Health Emergency Assistance Response Division ‘B-HEARD’ teams to six new precincts, more than doubling the precincts covered to 11. These teams will expand on the already-successful pilot of answering non-violent 911 mental health calls with mental health professionals
  • Incorporating medical services into DHS sites serving individuals experiencing unsheltered homelessness. Expanded DHS Safe Havens and stabilization bed programs will offer on-site physical and behavioral health care to immediately address clients’ needs
  • Immediately improving coordination across government with weekly ‘Enhanced Outreach Taskforce’ meetings that bring together senior leaders from 13 city and state agencies to address issues quickly
  • Creating new Drop-in-Centers to provide an immediate pathway for individuals to come indoors, and exploring opportunities to site Drop-in-Centers close to key subway stations to directly transition individuals from trains and platforms to safe spaces
  • Streamlining the placement process into supportive housing and reducing the amount of paperwork it takes to prove eligibility
  • Calling on state government to expand psychiatric bed resources and amending Kendra’s Law to improve mental health care delivery for New Yorkers on Assisted Outpatient Treatment
  • Requiring — instead of requesting — everyone to leave the train and the station at the end of the line 

Police said Assamad Nash, 25, a homeless career criminal, followed Lee home and attacked her, leaving her bloodied body in the bathtub. 

Last month, New York City Mayor Eric Adams rolled out the Subway Safety Plan meant to crack down on violence in crime-ridden transport system. 

As part of the initiative, 1,000 police officers have been deployed on several subway lines to boost public safety. 

A week after Adams’ announcement, Dr Nina Rothschild, a NYC Department of Health scientist, was kicked down a flight of stairs and struck repeatedly with a hammer at the Queens Plaza subway station, leaving her in a critical condition.

On Sunday, police picked up 57-year-old William Blount in connection with the savage attack, charging him with attempted murder, robbery and assault. 

So far this year there have been 320 crimes in the transit system – a 60 percent increase compared to the same period last year. 

Crime across the board is on the rise in New York, with murder, rape, robbery, assault, burglary, grand larceny and hate crime rates all increasing. 

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