NYPD telling cops to prioritize 311 calls over 911

NYPD commanding officers are telling rank-and-file cops to prioritize 311 social-distancing calls over 911 emergency calls, sources said — despite Mayor Bill de Blasio’s frequent urging that they make 911 calls their top concern, The Post has learned.

“311 is more [of a] priority than someone getting robbed at gunpoint,” an NYPD source told The Post.

“The NYPD is making it mandatory to answer 311 within 45 minutes, otherwise [the commanding officer] is gonna have to explain himself,” the source went on.

Three NYPD sources told The Post they’d gotten the directive.

“People getting jumped, robbed, assaulted…. doesn’t matter…. my captain asks about why a 311 job is almost reaching 45 minutes [and] not being closed out yet,” the first source continued.

The NYPD and the mayor’s office vehemently denied the allegations.

“These claims are false and dangerous. It is a slight to the hardworking men and women of the NYPD to imply that they would not respond to a 911 emergency with anything but the utmost urgency,” City Hall spokeswoman Olivia Lapeyrolerie said.

But commanding officers are under pressure to get 311 calls answered within 45 minutes to deal with surging social-distancing complaints, making it difficult for officers on the ground to accomplish that while also responding to 911 emergencies in a timely manner, according to sources.

On Monday, a Bronx precinct received a call for a possible coronavirus-related death at a home and it took five hours for cops to respond, one of the sources said.

“If the dead body was a 311 call, a unit would have responded in 45 minutes,” the source huffed.

About two weeks ago, Mayor de Blasio exhorted the public to report people who aren’t socially distancing by calling 311 or sending text messages to the system with photos and locations of where the flouting is occurring.

That backfired when people began sending the service d–k pics and photos of middle fingers.

Additional reporting by Julia Marsh

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