One of Britain’s biggest hoarders vows to CLEAN UP his squalid home

One of Britain’s biggest hoarders vows to CLEAN UP his squalid home full of old newspapers, clothes, books and an ’emergency toilet’ portaloo – because his daughter is getting married

  • Arthur Watson wants friends and family to come over but they decline his invites
  • The extreme hoarder, 69, thinks they avoid his home because of his hoarding  
  • Arthur has said he will keep six bikes and sentimental items but will clean up

A mountain of newspapers, piles of washing up, stacks of books and other junk will finally be thrown out by Britain’s biggest hoarder – because his daughter is getting married.    

Arthur Watson, 69, has been collecting everything from bicycles to toys, clothes and dirty dishes for more than 30 years.

His small home, which he bought in 1982, is packed in every room with the things cannot bear to throw out. 

But after multiple friends declined his offers of lunch, Arthur is ready to clear-up.

The extreme ‘hoarder’ who began his bizarre collection after he divorced from his wife revealed he was finally hiring a van and planning several trips to the dump this week to clear away some of the clutter.

Arthur Watson at his flat which he says he is going to clean up after almost three decades of hoarding

Mr Watson said he is planning on having people round after his daughter marries her boyfriend

He said he now wants to have a few guests around, especially as his daughter Anna gets married to her fiance Matthew, in August.

There is currently a mountain of washing up and Arthur’s carpet is barely visible beneath the huge piles of newspapers and possessions at the bottom floor flat.  

He said: ‘I am quite happy, but I have got to the point where I could do with a little tidy up.

‘My daughter has given up on me. She knows I am a lost cause. She thinks that if I have not poisoned myself by now then I probably never will.

Arthur Watson, 69, has been collecting everything from old newspapers to bicycles for more than 30 years. His small home, which he bought in 1982, is packed in every room with piles of junk

Mr Watson is getting set to tackle the mounds of rubbish and is planning on trips to the dump

‘I have a few friends around the fish and chip shop, and I have invited them around for barbecue, but never accept my invitations. I think they have heard my house is a bit of a tip.’

Arthur, a former museum curator, is not getting rid of everything though and insists some of the items could come in handy one day – including the six children’s bicycles he stores away – and says others have sentimental value.

He even has the remnants of a handprint his daughter made as a child on his kitchen wall using the goo from a mackerel he was gutting more than a decade ago.

Arthur, of Plymouth, Devon, said: ‘It is not like I am a miser, I don’t have any gold.

A mountain of washing up will need to be tackled by the hoarder who has been hanging onto his stuff for decades

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‘There is nothing of any value here. In fact if burglars see my flat they think I have already been burgled. I am hoarding memories, and the older you get the more of them I have.

‘Me and my wife divorced more than 20 years ago, and I suppose you could say that was a definite turning point.

‘She was compulsive with cleanliness, and I had to do all the cleaning, and cooking, everything. It was a bit tricky.

‘The collecting didn’t immediately get worse, but everything I could sweep up I have swept up.’

Arthur added that he had kept several things because he thought they might be useful.

He said his empty wine bottles are earmarked for blackcurrant wine for example and a portaloo from his camping days makes an emergency toilet.

Other items have somewhat odd sentimental value, like the huge stacks of copies of his local newspaper the Plymouth Herald which make the floor uneven.

He added: ‘My grandfather used to work for the Evening Herald as it was then so I could never throw them out.’

The kitchen is rammed with dirty dishes which Mr Watson says he is going to clear out this coming weekend

Arthur, who started his extreme ‘hoarding’ after he divorced from his wife more than 20 years, revealed he was finally hiring a van and planning several trips to the dump

Some of the items collected by Mr Watson include huge piles of books and newspapers 

There is barely room to sit round at Mr Watson’s house but he wants to clean his act up to have guests over 

He insists that he usually finds what he wants amid the mess but confessed his ‘retrieval system was not 100 per cent foolproof’.

Amidst the chaos there are some items which are relatively neatly stored on shelves and in a filing cabinet and the wedding invite has a special place suspended from a string across the living room.

Three years ago he was threatened him with legal action by his local council to tidy up and he cited the Magna Carta in his defence. But he added that no prosecution ever took place.

Arthur says he will not call a contract cleaner in case they throw out something valuable amid the piles of papers and dirty dishes.

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