OnlyFans dom receives £1,000 in Amazon vouchers for Christmas from ‘sex slaves’

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An anonymous bloke on OnlyFans received was spoiled with Christmas gifts from his online 'sex slaves' – including a £1,000 Amazon voucher.

The 31-year-old, who is known as Ryan DarkGrey, is already sitting pretty with his successful property business in Birmingham, alongside raking in more than £100k a year from his OnlyFans side-hustle.

But that doesn't stop the "financially dominant" bloke from getting even more from his hundreds of submissive subscribers.

Ryan told the Daily Star: "I get loads of gifts – there's this new platform everyone using called Throne, it's like Amazon wishlist but from anywhere on the web.

"For Christmas, I got a £1,000 Amazon voucher and a few smaller ones, £800 of tips on OnlyFans and a pair of smart shoes.

"One of my slaves even bought me a few bits for a PC I'm building.

"I am a bit upset though. I wanted a jacuzzi but it costs £7,000 so I was being a bit optimistic about that one.

"But you never know in this Findom world, you could sometimes get a whale out of the blue."

The businessman makes content that ranges from foot fetishes to sex slaves, which has landed him a spot in the top 0.6% of creators.

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Among his categories, he makes 'FinDom' content which is a fetish that demands money from submissives that thrill on being made to give up something important to someone they view as better.

However, just taking the money isn't enough humiliation for this dom as he claims to give some of the gifts to his friends.

He added: "I've made slaves buy my friend's gifts too. It's so funny because these subs find it even more degrading so they actually love it!

"My friends think the presents are coming from me as I'm very, very discreet with this lifestyle. No one knows.

"It makes you question everything you thought was true."

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The dom previously told the Daily Star, that slaves who shower him with gifts online, earn the right to be a slave for him in person.

One woman is said to have bought him a much-coveted Playstation 5.

"Trusted slaves who have tributed and shown their worth and loyalty are allowed to come to my house," he said.

"They hoover my house, clean my garden, wash my car, anything I ask and in a totally classy way. It's more a form of mental domination.

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"I just know how to press these people buttons, take them to a place mentally they crave for. There are women who want to feel all control taken away from them and crave to be totally submissive.

"I just tap into that desire and they pay me and even buy me gifts. One woman even brought me a PS5 – only I don't have time to play it, which is a shame.

"I've also had women buy me new shoes, Amazon Vouchers to buy protein powder, watch, pay for my food shopping pretty much what I want. It's great being a dom if you know how to press peoples buttons."

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