OnlyFans model claims ‘discrimination’ after Etsy shuts down her sex toy shop

A model claims she has been banned from Etsy for selling sex toys because she's an OnlyFans model – saying hundreds of other people advertise similar items.

Kitty from Indiana is a full-time OnlyFans model and believes the eCommerce site shut her account for that very reason.

The 24-year-old decided to venture into sex toy sales during lockdown, starting her own shop on Etsy on December 20 2020.

She uploaded images of "pocket pues", also known as fleshlights, which are handheld artificial vagina moulds used for masturbation.

Kitty was introduced to the product through a friend who had herself been selling them on the site for some time and told her it was a great way to make extra income.

So the OnlyFans model promptly ordered 100 of the items at a cost of $2,500 (£1,841) – but just eight days later, Etsy shut down her account.

"The sex toys I sell are actual moulds so they're not something you can buy commercially, and so naturally, Etsy was the place for me to sell them," Morgan told Jam Press.

"I was excited to work with Etsy, I've heard amazing things and they really work well with their creators."

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She went on: "I also thought it was 100% safe because there are sex toys and pocket pues literally being sold on there.

"I 100% believe Etsy shut down my account because I'm an OnlyFans model. I have no idea why I was banned so fast and there are plenty of other sex toys being sold on the site, it's absolutely not fair.

"Working in my industry, it always feels like there is a target on your back.

"I remember having so many payment apps shut down, so many Snapchats and Instagram time and time again, just because of what I do. And here Etsy is, also being a part of it."

Kitty contacted Etsy when her account was closed down; an email exchange reveals the company saying her products "don't qualify" to be sold on the site.

Etsy also informed the model that the product didn't fit under its criteria of "handmade, vintage and craft supplies" – something she insists isn't true.

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She added: "I told Etsy that this was literally a mould that I had made so yes it was unique and could not be found commercially.

"I also brought up the fact that there are many items just like mine on Etsy and an entire sex toy section I know that isn't handmade."

Despite the model's best efforts to explain, Etsy closed her account – and Kitty claims the eCommerce site is yet to pay her the $2,000 (£1,473) she made from selling 20 of her items.

According to Kitty, Etsy notified her that the account had been suspended on December 28 – the same day she was due to get paid.

She said: "I was frantic and asked them why. My product didn't go against their terms and conditions."

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In the email exchange, Etsy said it would hold Kitty's money for "180 days after her last sale" and so will not pay this out until June 26 2021.

"I tried to do whatever I could to get the account back but Etsy won't budge," she said.

"It's been a huge slap in the face as I have no idea what I did that was so wrong.

"When I asked about my money, they let me know they're holding it for six months to make sure there are no chargebacks."

The situation has left the model "extremely upset" and out of pocket.

Kitty went on: "I had amazing reviews, I shipped all my products the same day if I could and I am extremely upset about all of this because I did nothing wrong.

"I definitely think there was huge discrimination here."

Etsy has been contacted for comment.

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