Orange sky live updates – Sahara dust bomb hits & may bring 'blood rain'; why is it happening, where can I see it & maps

THE SKY has turned orange as a Sahara dust bomb hit Europe today – and may cause "blood rain".

With parts of London already seeing orange skies, the Met Office has said the dust cloud, which is 2km above ground level, may fall during showers in southern parts of the country in the afternoon.

Known as Storm Celia, Met Office forecasters say the impact is “unlikely” to be significant, with the dust potentially most visible at sunset.

An urgent warning has also been issued to millions as orange Saharan dust hits parts of the UK today. Dust particles in the air could trigger deadly health emergencies for Brits, after the murky skies swept over Europe.

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    Tomorrow's forecast (Thursday)

    A fine day as it will be dry with long spells of spring sunshine for most areas although variable amounts of cloud cover will tend to build into northern and western areas.

    Outbreaks of rain and scattered showers will spread across Northern Ireland and Scotland and may be locally heavy at times.

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    Top tips if storms trigger your asthma

    If storms make your asthma worse, then there are things you can do to prevent an attack.

    • take your preventer inhaler regularly
    • carry your reliever inhaler
    • go for regular asthma reviews
    • book an extra appointment with your doctor or nurse if you notice you're using your inhalers more
    • try and stay indoors and keep windows and doors closed to avoid letting the dust in
    • take usual treatments such as antihistamines

    BREAKING: Urgent health warning as orange skies hit parts of UK

    AN urgent warning has been issued to millions as orange Saharan dust hits parts of the UK today.

    Dust particles in the air could trigger deadly health emergencies for Brits, after the murky skies swept over Europe.

    The Met Office tweeted this morning: "We can see the #SaharanDust that has pushed across Spain and France, into southeast England.

    "Whilst this #dust is mostly about 2km above ground level, some deposits may fall to the ground, especially during today's rain in southern parts of the UK."

    Studies have show that dust storms have a significant impact on health.

    Dust storms are a source of natural particles, including very small materials, potential allergens, and pollutants and can be dangerous for people with lung conditions such as asthma and other allergies.

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      Rules for cyclists looking to enjoy the sunshine this Spring

      With the weather set to warm up in the coming weeks, cyclists are ready to get out on their bikes and make the most of the sunshine. 

      Bobbin Bikes encourage cyclists to make themselves fully aware of what they can and can’t do on the roads.

      Road rules for cyclists to stay safe this spring:

      • Hand signals – Using hand signals is important for cyclists to communicate their intent to motorists behind them.
      • Clothing – Cyclists should always wear a protective helmet that conforms to current regulations, is the correct size, and is securely fastened. Light coloured, fluorescent clothing is best to wear whilst cycling in winter or darker days, and reflective clothing and accessories should be worn in the dark.
      • Lights – All cycles must have front, and rear lights lit up at night. All bikes must also be fitted with red rear reflectors.
      • Cycle lanes – Dedicated cycle lanes are marked by a white line, which may be solid or broken. Cyclists must stick to cycle lanes when able to.
      • Parking – Bicycles must not be left in any place that can cause obstruction or hazard to other road users. 

      It’s set to be a warm Summer so here’s how to stay safe against UV

      As climate change begins to make more of an effect, it’s important to be aware of UV rays.

      Sunburn occurs when the skin is exposed to UV rays from the sun, but can also be from sunbeds.

      Extreme sunburn can be very serious and even mild sunburn may not heal properly leading to aged skin and eventually skin cancer.

      The Met Office advises sunscreen and avoiding excess exposure to UV rays.

      Weather outlook for today

      Northwest corner bright and fresh-feeling, scattered heavy showers later.

      Elsewhere often cloudy, showery rain turning heavier across some eastern areas.

      A few brighter, warmer spells, perhaps focused in southwestern areas.

      Sunshine and dry weather for the rest of the week

      For this week it will be quite pleasant said BBC Weather's Tomasz Schafernaker with sunshine and dry weather.

      “In the south where the winds will be light the temperatures will be around the mid-teens. Then Thursday and Friday the high pressure establishes itself across the UK, in fact a big high pressure spreading all the way from Eastern Europe to the edge of Ireland so a lot of settled weather," said Mr Schafernaker.

      "You can see the winds blowing around the high here. Northern and western parts of the country right in the middle of that high where the weather will be sunniest, the winds will be lightest and as a result will have the highest temperatures around 15C or 16C.

      "And that high pressure is expected to persist Friday, Saturday and into Sunday as well although it will be a little breezy at times."

      Mr Schafernaker continued: "Highest temperatures will be 16C for example Liverpool but on the coast of Cornwall and Devon it could only be about 12C. Then Saturday into Sunday that high pressure still with us.

      "The winds will change direction a little around the high, they will be coming more out of the south and south east that generally means a lot of dry weather, fairly decent temperatures."

      Good morning! Milica Cosic logging in from London to bring you the latest news and updates on the UK weather

      Fine and sunny in the UK from midweek, says expert

      Ex-BBC and Met Office forecaster John Hammond of weathertrending said: “Spring will be in the air, with a gentle breeze from the warming continent and temperatures rising through the teens.

      Wet weather will give way to sunshine, with a drier and warmer trend through mid-March.” 

      A Met Office forecaster added: “After the North-West's rain spreads on Wednesday, it looks fine and sunny from Thursday for the UK.

      “From then to late March has temperatures mild to very mild for most, with dry conditions, although it may be chilly should winds tap into colder air across eastern Europe.”

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        Some rain tday for the west of NI, Highlands, the Western Isles and the Northern Isles

        Meteorologist Alex Deakin has brought us the latest weather news for the rest of the day today, reminding us it isn't sunshine everywhere.

        Deakin said there's a possibility the temperature could get as high as 16C in parts of eastern England today.

        He made clear Glasgow and Belfast are likely to experience some showers in the late afternoon leading into the evening, before hitting Edinburgh.

        Deakin confirmed Wednesday is looking very cloudy for much of the UK.

      • Milica Cosic

        Possible heatwave reaching 28C as early as April

        While temperatures are often expected to be mild in April, it's a month more synonymous with rain.

        This year though, according meteorologist, Jim Dale, suggests Brits may experience temperatures at hot as 28C – temperatures typically reserved for the middle of Summer.

        Last year's April barely reached 15C, meanwhile our lockdown April was notoriously scorching.

        According to the Met Office, it was the fifth hottest April in the UK since records began in 1929.

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        Proud to be British – picturesque scenes of our great British Spring so far

        Since the storms of January and February that saw many of us without fences, fallen trees and much worse, we’ve experienced wonderfully mild weather.

        Over the weekend, many took to social media to share images in their local areas, on walks and much more of how lovely it looked.

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        No weather warnings!

        After weeks of flood and storm warnings, no weather warnings have been issued for the coming week.

        Across the UK for the entire year so far, weather and health warnings have plagued the news.

        With COVID cases rising, Boris’ partygate, and storm after storm, 2022 has been a tricky affair for many across the UK.

        Some good news though, is that the Met Office has issued no weather warnings for the coming seven days, and sunshine is expected across much of the UK.

      • Milica Cosic

        What’s the weather forecast for next week?

        With this week looking so lovely for most areas of the UK, we look ahead for much of the same.

        Though we’ll likely experience light patches of mist and fog in the early hours of Saturday, it should pass to allow sunshine for the rest of the day throughout most of the UK.

        A breeze is possible in most coastal areas, and rain is expected across the northeast.

        Though temperatures are expected to be mild to very mild in most areas, there is a chance of overnight frost and fog, throughout the week.

      • Milica Cosic

        Mother’s Day weather set to remain dry and sunny

        Mother’s Day falls on 27th March this year and doesn’t look like it’ll disappoint.

        After Brits took advantage of the mild weather this weekend, we look ahead to more warmth and sunshine.

        If you’re looking to enjoy outdoor activities for Mother’s Day, you’ll be in luck as the weather appears to be staying pleasant for the foreseeable future.

      • Milica Cosic

        The rest of the week according to the Met Office

        The Met Office Twitter page has posted a summary of what’s to come today, Thursday and Friday.

        Have a look and stay prepared for the weather in your area.

        Despite mainly dry weather, I would still carry a brolly – after all, it’s still Springtime in Britain!

      • Milica Cosic

        Temperatures to rise

        Today, temperatures will creep up to highs of 19C.

        Temperatures will remain in the high teens for St Patrick’s Day on Thursday and into the weekend.

        It comes after Brits flocked to the beaches over this weekend ahead of the warm week.

        They went to the coast in Dorset, Cornwall and other parts of the UK as temperatures rose into the high teens.

      • Milica Cosic

        UK shorelines should expect wet and windy weather

        Though most of us will enjoy sunny weather and mild temperatures, it’s not quite the same for our shores.

        Strong winds are expected across most coasts, bring with it lots of rain.

        The next two days will bring showers to the northeast and gales are likely along with lighter winds at times.

      • Milica Cosic

        Saharan dust cloud could hit Britian today

        BRITS are set to be battered by strong winds which could bring orange Saharan dust from across the continent. 

        Gusty gales will hit huge swathes of the UK as a result of Storm Celia as soon as today, and could turn the skies orange. 

        Carol Kirkwood warned BBC Breakfast viewers yesterday that the dust could reach the UK as soon as tomorrow after the orange clouds lit up Spanish skies. 

        The forecaster told BBC Breakfast on Tuesday: "Look at the orange sky, this is Saharan dust.

        "These pictures taken by some of our viewers yesterday in Alicante are quite spectacular. And the reason that it has happened is because of storm Celia.

        "There has been very poor air quality today in parts of Spain, and it could well affect us in the southeast and East Anglia on Wednesday.

        "So if you wake up on Wednesday and your car is covered in orange dust you know where it's coming from and why.”

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        Clocks due to change next week

        Twice a year, we move the clocks back – once forwards and once back.

        Many are caught out by the changing clocks in which we ‘gain’ an hour or ‘lose’ an hour.

        This year on 27 March at 1am, the clocks will go forward and we’ll officially be using BST (British Summer Time).

        It’s not clear whether former US president Benjamin Franklin or British builder, William Willett had the initial idea for the time change as we know it.

        Willett created a pamphlet in 1907 named The Waste of Daylight in which he outlines how it would work and that we would have more daylight in the Spring and Summer and it should be reversed in the Autumn.

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        Met Office '4cast' for Wednesday

      • Milica Cosic

        Rain to clear away later this week

        The rain is expected to clear away on Thursday as a warm front moves up from the south, bringing sunny spells and temperatures of 14-15C.

        Friday will get off to a chilly start but it will be a dry day across the UK as temperatures pick up once more to 16C and possibly 17C in the south-east.

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