Our drive is going to be BLOCKED a by two-storey extension to our town hall – our neighbours don’t care but we’re fuming

FURIOUS residents claim that their drives are going to be completely blocked in a new proposal to extend their town hall. 

Locals in tiny Bradninch, Devon, claim that they will not be able to get theri cars and campervans up their driveways if the plans go ahead. 

The Guildhall in Bradninch was built in the 12th century, but now the proposed extension is causing locals a headache. 

The town, which has a population of around 2,000 people, is surrounded by Prince Charles’ Duchy of Cornwall farmland. 

Jan Dennis, 66, and Sue Eakers, 65, both claim that the two storey extension would make their lives a nightmare. 

Retired Jan bought the derelict schoolhouse behind the town hall in 2009 from the BRadninch Trust, who are proposing the upgrade. 


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She restored the property and converted it into her home, which currently has plenty of parking space. 

Sue was given planning permission from the Trust to build her eco home next door which also has parking. 

But now both women are calling for the Trust to rethink their plans, which would currently see them blocked into their homes. 

Sue told The Sun: "The fire service could never get into our homes because the driveway is too narrow. We had to have sprinkler systems installed as a requirement of the planning.

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"We have a shared right of way but the Trust wants to replace a single storey with a new bigger extension."

Jan added: "Bradninch is plagued with parking congestion. If we cannot get our vehicles up to our homes then we will add to the problems, and it is already pretty critical."

Sue required her septic tank to be emptied once a year, with a large tanker being needed to complete the job. 

Another large vehicle with hoses also has to service her sprinkler system annually and already faces a tricky manoeuvre to her eco home which sits behind the old school.

Both women say that their disabled pals wouldnt be able to visit them if the driveway is narrowed by the proposals. 

Jan says the plan to upgrade the Guildhall has been going on for more than two years and no one else in the town has an issue with that.

She added: "The plan has gone under the radar. And we are not mobilising neighbours or local people against the Trust.

“We hope the Trust can achieve its aims but not at our expense."

A former mayor of the town has come out in defence of Jan and Sue, but other locals think they should relocate if they aren’t happy. 

Pamela Parker, 75, said:"If the two ladies don't like it they should move.

"I am all for the Guildhall upgrade. A lot of people use it."

Another local said: "The roads here are packed with parked vehicles. Some houses on the main street have private spaces. But the rest have to fit in where they can. 

“It's busy enough during the day before the peak  times and when people return from work. So another three vehicles, including a campervan, would just add to the chaos."

A pensioner said:"It's a storm in a tea cup. A half decent architect would sort this out in his sleep."

Former Bradninch Mayor Dorothy Parsons has come out in support of the women, saying the plan is “not of economic value.”

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She added:"I support the ladies. The Guildhall upgrade is not of economic value and the corner to turn into the driveway is very awkward."

Mid Devon Council has deferred its decision on the plan and the two women said:"The ball is in the Trust's court. We have only met them once and that was a few days before the planning meeting."

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