Over 100 asylum seekers won the right to stay in the UK despite having been previously deported in past five years

MORE than 100 asylum seekers who returned after being kicked out of the UK have now won the right to stay.

In the last five years 113 people who came back after being returned to their homeland succeeded at the second attempt.

One Ethiopian who was flown home returned to the UK within a month to launch a second successful asylum bid.

The “boomerang migrants” land the taxpayer with a double bill — paying for the initial deportation and then the cost of homing when the second asylum attempt succeeds.

Statistics unearthed by The Sun on Sunday show that these second-time lucky asylum seekers come back to the UK from all over the globe.

Claimants have been deported to African countries including Libya, Congo, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda, Eritrea and Ethiopia – before defying the ruling to return to the UK.

Last year 21 boomerang asylum seekers won the right to stay here.

There were 19 cases in 2015 and 20 the year before. In 2013, 26 returned and were allowed to stay and there were 27 cases in 2012.



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Ukip immigration spokesman John Bickley hit out at the figures unearthed by The Sun on SundayCredit: PA:Press Association

Ukip’s John Bickley said: “You couldn’t make this up. It is little surprise that the UK and the EU are seen as an easy touch by bogus refugees, economic migrants and the trafficking gangs.

“Not only are Border Force numbers being cut but many failed asylum seekers get back into the UK and are then successful with their claim.”

The Home Office said: “Every asylum claim is considered on its own merits based on evidence from the claimant and up to date information about the country.”

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