Panicking homeowners call police over ‘intruder’ – only to find it was a robot

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Police swooped on a house after the homeowners reported hearing an intruder.

But the spooky noises in Poynton, Cheshire in the early hours of Tuesday, May 2, were not made by burglars, or even a ghost.

The “bumps in the night” were eventually traced to a robot, reports CheshireLive.

A statement on Facebook from Poynton West and Adlington police explained: “In the early hours of this morning you may have heard/seen a number of officers in the Brookfield Avenue/Chester Road area.

"We were responding to a report of potential intruders. It turned out that the occupants’ pesky robotic hoover had switched itself on and could be heard banging into things.”

However the officers weren’t put out about having their time wasted: "To some this may seem like a waste of police time but with recent burglaries in the area the occupant did absolutely the right thing by calling us believing someone was in their house."

The coppers signed off by adding: "You will be pleased to know that due to the officers prompt attendance the hoover was unable to make a clean getaway.”

Robotic vacuum cleaners are undeniably a great way to keep your floors clean but they’re not foolproof.

Earlier this year, several owners of upmarket Roomba brand automatic vacuums reported that their Roombas started acting “drunk” after a faulty software update scrambled the robots’ circuits.

One Roomba owner wrote in a Reddit user forum: “It works, but it basically now behaves like it's had a stroke and has no idea where it is most of the time. It will bang itself against the same wall 20 times before moving on… I'm thinking of buying it a football helmet.”

Another said: "These robots looks drunk since the update. Mounting complaints in the forums continue.”

Customers said that the £1500 devices been been getting lost in their houses, bashing repeatedly into walls, or in some cases cleaning one small area over and over again.

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