Peachland blaze guts garage, heavily damages home

Fire investigators were called to the scene of a large blaze beside Highway 97 in Peachland on Friday night.

The fire is believed to have started in a detached garage and spread to the house on Robinson Place.

The wind blew flames into nearby brush, threatening a neighbouring home.

Fire crews were able to stop the flames from spreading and the neighbouring house sustained some smoke damage.

There were two people at home at the time of the blaze who discovered the fire, according to fire chief Dennis Craig.

Several family pets are missing.

The fire was difficult to extinguish, according to Craig.

“It was a stubborn fire. It got up into the roof and the attic space,” he said. “We had to tear down a lot of the roof and chase the fire through the attic of the house.”

The cause and exact spot where the fire began is under investigation.

Three people called the house home and are being cared for by Emergency Social Services.

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