Peckish seagull strolled into house and pinched food from a bowl left for family cat

Martin Farrington, 32, who filmed it, said the bird and its mate have been stealing his moggies’ grub for five years.

Martin said: “At first we would leave the door open in the summer months to let the sea breeze envelope the house, until one day we heard and alien clattering.

“Walking into the kitchen to see a seagull munching down on the cat’s food was odd to say the least.

“But none of our cats have ever reacted with more than a carefree swipe, I’m sure they notice the size of the things and think ‘better not’.

“But as it is now we’ve all become so used to it that we let it happen, I love watching the baby gulls figure out flight for the first time and it’s our cat food that provides the energy.

“We just can’t leave the door open for more than a minute!”

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