Pension crook claims he was ‘roofied’ after coke, ecstasy found in system

A NY state pension crook narrowly missed being tossed in jail on Wednesday after he was caught with cocaine and ecstasy in his system — and then claimed he​’d been ​”​roofied.​”​

Navnoor Kang, convicted of steering billions of dollars worth of trades to brokers who showered him with cocaine, hookers and strippers, was hauled into Manhattan federal court on Wednesday after a drug test showed up positive for cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana.

When the former for staffer state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli was asked about it, he claimed he had been in a car with someone ​who was ​smoking weed, according to prosecutor Edward Imperatore.

Then, when Kang realized he had ​also ​tested positive for cocaine and ecstasy​,​ he claimed he had been “roofied,” Imperatore told the judge. ​A roofie” is slang for the powerful ​date-rape drug Rohypnol.

Adding fuel to the fire, Kang was half an hour late for his hearing on the ​​bail violations.

“Why shouldn’t I throw you in right now,” Judge Paul Oetken blasted.

Navnoor pleaded guilty last year to accepting bribes when he was in charge of $50 billion worth of fixed-income funds for the state Common Retirement Fund, which manages retirement funds for government workers, including cops and firefighter. In exchange for drugs, hookers, strippers and luxury vacations, Kang sent the brokers bribing him billions in dollars worth of lucrative trading business.

Judge Oetken ultimately agreed to let Kang stay remain free on bail so he can prepare for his June 11th sentencing. But the judge warned that Kang will likely face prison time when he is sentenced as a result of the bail violations.

“This is a serious thing,” the judge said to Kang who nodded his head in agreement. “I hope you recognize that.”

“He’s been given a wake up call,” his lawyer Mark Geragos said. “He obviously feels horrific about it.”

Kang faces as much as 20 years when he is sentenced on June 11.

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