Pensioner ‘aged 120’ caught performing sex act on woman outside town centre shop

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A pensioner who claims he's 120-years-old has been arrested after having sex in public in a town centre.

The virile old man was spotted with his trousers down thrusting against a woman outside a shop in Magelang City, Indonesia.

Stunned locals recorded the pair who were caught in the obscene act, with footage handed over to local authorities.

Police started a search of the local area the day after being handed the illicit material, eventually taking a pensioner known only as J into custody.

While in custody, the elderly resident told police officers that he was 120-years-old.

Senior Commissioner Yolanda Evelyn, head of the Magelang Police, said the man had given a statement claiming to be more than 100-years-old and that his identity was still yet to be confirmed as he seemed confused during interrogation.

The police chief said: "For the case seen in the video, the Magelang City Police are still investigating. We have found the culprit, but it must be clarified first because the man cannot be questioned.

"Until now we don't know who his partner is. According to his statement, he is 120 years old.

"The man seemed to be in a daze, so he had to be asked slowly and directed to speak. But most of the time he was silent. We took him back to his house, we already know where he lives."

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She continued: "An investigation is still being carried out by the police, and we are still gathering other information. The grandfather is still the suspected perpetrator.

"The location was in front of the Rejowinangun Market. In front of the gold shop."

Officials stated that the elderly resident, who was released after questioning, had been having sex with a woman who works in the area as a cleaner and rubbish collector outside of a gold shop.

The City Civil Service Head said: "The suspect's statement changed, maybe because of his senility and his age. We have been combing the market since this morning, and we received information from residents in the market and they confirmed the perpetrator was the old man.

"But when we checked, we couldn't get all the information from the grandfather. Meanwhile, we also had problems with visual information to confirm the details. We handed over the handling of the case to the police."

The policeman added that the pensioner is suspected to have violated Magelang City Regional Regulation No. 6 of 2015 concerning Public Order.

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