Perv flashes woman in park before attacking her with a dead pigeon in odd attack

A strange bloke has been arrested after flashing a woman in a public park, standing on her pet dog and then attacking her and two friends with a dead pigeon.

The bizarre incident happened in the popular German tourist spot of Öjendorfer Park in Hamburg on Tuesday (August 23).

According to local reports, the man appeared out of nowhere and said that he was annoyed that the unnamed woman, aged 31, had a dog with her at a bathing area in the park.

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She was also there with two friends, who were also targets of his verbal abuse.

The 41-year-old male shouted insults at the woman and shockingly stepped on her dog, who then called the police – which sparked the peculiar fit of rage starting with the perv exposing his penis to the woman.

And if that wasn't bad enough, he then grabbed a dead seagull he found on the sand by the lake and tried to hit the woman with it.

There was a knife next to the bird with possible signs of it being stabbed – although it is not known if that is how the bird, used as a weapon, actually died.

Police finally arrived, but the bloke fled through the water, seemingly hoping to swim himself to freedom via the Öjendorfer river.

A police helicopter and fire brigade boat were called in – as well as several officers – and the man was captured after officials jumped into the water to catch him.

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He was taken for a medical examination to a nearby hospital, the results of which have not been made public.

He was handed back to police and currently remains in custody.

Upon police examination, two knives were also taken from the man, although they were not used during the strange incident.

No police statement has been given to local media.

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