Pet goat ‘stolen and sexually abused in bathroom’ in horrific case of bestiality

A pet goat was stolen and horrifically suffered sexual abuse in a public bathroom.

The shocking incident happened on June 10 in Branxholm, Tasmania.

The goat was swabbed when it was found, and DNA samples taken.

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According to local news reports, Scottsdale Police Sergeant Brent O'Mahony said cops had to swab the goat before they could confirm that the incident had taken place.

A spokesman said: “There were concerns for the welfare of the goat and a vet examination was undertaken as part of the investigation process.

“Police have spoken with the goat’s owner, who has made a formal complaint to police.”

Police are looking for a man spotted in the area in the early hours of the morning, before 4am, who was described as tall and wearing a “beanie and dark tracksuit”.

Enquiries are ongoing.

Last month, we reported how cops raided a Washington State farm belonging to Douglas Spink's farm, and were shocked by the levels of depravity and bestiality they found.

The grim details were enough to leave even the most hardened law enforcement officers sickened.

The hilltop farm, in Whatcom County, Washington State, just a few miles from the Canadian border, was home to Spink as well as dozens of animals including horses, dogs and mice.

Officers seized the animals along with thousands of images of bestiality.

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A British man, Stephen Clarke, was also detained after he apparently paid Spink to have sex with three dogs.

He was charged after a search of the property found a video of the gruesome act.

One of the most horrifying discoveries, though, according to police, was that of mice with their tails cut off and their tiny bodies covered in petroleum jelly.

Officers quickly formed the belief that Spink was running an illegal commercial bestiality farm.

Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo, who assisted federal agents in the sinister case, said: "This stuff is just truly bizarre. These were mice that had their tails cut off, they were smothered in Vaseline and they had string tied around them."

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