Pfizer volunteer describes ‘really sick feeling’ after taking Covid vaccine

A vaccine volunteer has complained of a "really sick feeling" after taking part in the Pfizer study.

Eric Gross has spoken out about his experience after receiving two doses of the jab.

Speaking during TMZ Live, Eric claims the first injection made his arm sore, however the second dose hit him hard.

He said: "The first shot is not bad, the first one you wake up and you're like a little bit icky, you feel like you're kind of sick and you're fine, it goes away.

"The shot in your arm though, it was the most painful as far as soreness, when you lift your arm it was really sore – that was after both times.

"The second shot makes you a lot sicker – when I got the second shot, about six hours after I got the shot till about 12 hours I was really sick, one of the sickest feelings I've ever felt in my life.

"And the way it was explained to me was like, your body, it's like you're walking on a street and a stranger walks up to you and punches you, you're not ready for it – but if somebody walks up again and it's the same person, you see him and you know he's gonna punch you in the face – you'd fight him back.

"So for the second shot your body knows that it's an enemy and it attacks it really hard so you get really sick on the second one.

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"But after 12 hours it goes away like nothing ever happened," reports TMZ Live.

This week it was also reported two health workers in Alaska suffered allergic reactions after receiving the Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine at the same hospital.

One had to be kept in hospital for observation for two nights after she reported feeling flushed within 10 minutes of getting the jab at Bartlett Regional Hospital in Juneau on Tuesday.

The British Heart Foundation offers advice on the Covid jab, and explains like all medicines, vaccines can cause side effects. Most are mild and shot-lived, including pain at the injection site, a headache or tiredness.

However, many people don't get any or all the side effects.

They can be experienced with many vaccines, not just one developed for coronavirus, and people might feel unwell as their immune system responds to the protein.

Although, the vaccine is not a Covid-19 illness and the vaccine can't give you coronavirus.

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