PHOTOS: Rally at state capitol to demand rent control prohibition lift

Community organizations, tenants, and supporters of the movement gathered at the capitol for a demonstration to demand the state lift the prohibition on rent control on the West steps of the State Capitol on March 5, 2023 in Denver.

The rally featured speeches from tenants, tenant organizers, and community organizers including from the Party for Socialism and Liberation, Denver Aurora Tenants United, 9to5 Colorado, East Colfax Community Collective, United for a New Economy, Denver Classroom Teachers Association, and Denver Democratic Socialists of America.

Organizers said that Coloradans are struggling to keep up with the cost of housing and that in just the month of January, Denver alone saw over 1,000 evictions. They said rents across the state have increased by 12% in just the last year, and 88% in the last decade. Organizers said that every year Colorado lawmakers consider repealing the ban, but cave to the pressure of big landlords and developers. Legislators have HB23-1115 in front of them which would lift the ban on rent control in Colorado.

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