Piers Morgan says Diana would be 'horrified' by Harry and William rift

Piers Morgan says Diana would be ‘horrified’ by the rift between Prince Harry and his brother William as he accuses the Sussexes of ‘smearing the Queen’

  • Piers Morgan on Monday spoke to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson 
  • The journalist doubled down on his criticism of Harry and Meghan’s interview
  • He said the Prince was wrong to air his family grievances in public
  • Morgan said their mother would be ‘horrified’ at the split between the brothers 

Piers Morgan has claimed that Princess Diana would have been ‘horrified’ by the rift between Prince Harry and Prince William, which he said has grown considerably deeper following Harry and Meghan Markle’s March 7 interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Morgan, the Editor-at-Large of DailyMail.com, spoke to Tucker Carlson on Monday about the bombshell interview – which ultimately caused him to lose his job.

The journalist and television presenter departed from Good Morning Britain on March 9 after saying he did not believe Markle’s version of events, and being called racist for saying so. 

Morgan said that one of the saddest things about the interview was the damage it caused to the sibling bond.

‘I knew Princess Diana well and I think she’d be horrified by the split between Harry and his brother,’ said Morgan. 

Morgan said he thought Diana, who died in 1997, would be ‘horrified’ by the split between sons

The journalist said he thought one of the saddest things about the interview was the family rift 

He said he believed Diana would be appalled ‘by the schism now between Harry and the royal family generally; by the appalling smearing of the Queen, which is already causing damage in some of the commonwealth countries who were buying in to this outrageous lie that the Queen is somehow racist, presiding over a racist institution.’ 

Asked by Winfrey how he would characterize his relationship with William, 38, the 36-year-old Prince replied: ‘Space.’

The pair spoke by phone after the interview, but Gayle King on CBS revealed that the conversation was ‘unproductive’.

William was said to be furious that Harry had discussed their private call with a journalist, and has told those around him that he can no longer trust his brother.

He is said to be desperate to give his side of the story, but, constrained by his role and by not wanting to further upset his grandmother and father, unable to do so.

William is said to be particularly angered by Meghan’s airing of a pre-wedding row with his wife, Kate Middleton, that ended with Meghan in tears.

Diana, Princess of Wales, is seen on holiday with the Spanish royal family in 1988 in Majorca

Prince Charles, Diana, William and Harry are pictured at home at Kensington Palace

Morgan said that Harry was a ‘brat’ to use the prime-time interview to complain so publicly about his family and finances.

He said: ‘What’s happened to that guy? He’s turned into this whiny brat.

‘In his mid-thirties, complaining that his dad isn’t still financing everything that he does. Complaining that he was cut off by daddy and his millions.

‘Actually that wasn’t true either – It turns out Prince Charles had carried on financing him.

‘And remember Harry inherited millions when his mother died.’

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